Dec 1, 2005

Downtown Toledo Libary To Close For Nazis

(Toledo, OH) The return of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) to Toledo on December 10 will force the closure of the Downtown branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.

"The people of Toledo have to keep paying for the city's decision to let the Nazis do whatever they want," said one local anti-Nazi activist. "We had scheduled an alternative event to be held at the library on that date, and the library just called us and told us we couldn't hold our event."

The group planned to show a film as a way to attract teens away from the site.

"This is the height of stupidity," said the spokesperson. "Here we are trying to put on an alternative, and the city shuts us down."

The move to close the facility may have other implications, said the source.

"There are a lot of homeless and street people who spend time in the downtown library," said the activist. "Now they will have nothing better to do than to join up with the counter-protesters."

Jeff Sabo from the TLCPL said that the decision was made by library officials.

“Given the unexpected turn of events during the past demonstration, we just felt it was in the best interest of our patrons to close for the day because of the unpredictability of the situation and our close proximity to the upcoming demonstration,” Sabo said.


Lisa Renee said...

If they really wanted to have an alternative event there are two other libraries not far from the Downtown Branch, Kent and Langrange.

Kent even has a 170 person auditorium.

Personally I think it was a good idea to close the Library and would not be suprised if a majority of other downtown businesses close down that Saturday as well.

I'd comment on the whole concept of free speech but I'd get started on a rant...


historymike said...

I am not sure what the group is going to do, Lisa.

There is still time to find a replacement venue, so this should not be used as an excuse.

As far as other businesses closing, that is a good question. I would be torn as a business owner between losing sales and risking problems on December 10.

Do said...

I am disappointed that the library, and possibly other downtown businesses, will consider closing on 12/10. This type of response lends way too much justification to the NSM and their message. Best course of action would be to continue business as usual and ignore the hell out of them.

And yes, Lisa, I agree with the free speech rights and all that, but that right should not extend, nor cause, the closing of businesses and loss of revenue.

Time will tell...

Lisa Renee said...

If I were a business owner, I would shut down, first because I would not want the responsibility of someone visiting my store getting hurt if we see any of the same behavior that happened last time.

Secondly because the less places open the less reason there is for anyone to even be downtown.

Should businesses have to lose money? Of course not, but the reality is if everyone else just followed their regular Saturday routine none of this would be necessary.

They are not "marching" thru anybody's neighborhood this time so that excuse as to why there has to be a response is gone. Granted it's my own opinion and I realize many don't share it but I think the anti-nazi protestors are just as much of the problem as the NSM. All they do is create more publicity for them. Which to me is a complete contradiction of what their goal is supposed to do. How does helping those like Bill White to get more free pr do anything positive?

Nikki said...

There are certainly pros and cons to businesses closing - however, I tend to favor them doing just that. It's pretty amazing to see what happens when the Nazi's can't find a rest room or buy a hamburger. They don't tend to stay around very long. In some cities that strategy has worked very well.

Also, the mainstream media tends to give more coverage to the alternate events that are taking place elsewhere - especially on a cold day where hot coffee and chocolate are available along with facilities.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I couldn't agree with you more.

The Library and any business that decides to close lose by default and the nazis win.

Cowardice or stupidity, it's too hard to tell; but the results look identical to me...

Do said...

Hooda - the point I was trying to make is that if WE (citizens) truly want to ignore the NSM in hopes that they will get the message to stay home then WE should go about our business in a usual and customary manner.

This does NOT mean closing our businesses and libraries because these morons are coming to town.

Lisa mentions the responsibility/liability associated with injuries incurred to patrons if there is a breakdown in civility. That is a valid concern, but on the other hand if I choose to go downtown to the library to research a project at the same time the NSM is standing in front of Government Center (and being informed that they were going to be there!), then any outcome good or bad is my own responsibility.

We have become such a litigious society that we will sacrifice our pride, revenue and customer base just to avoid a possibility of an unsavory incident.

Just doesn't seem right to me. Sorry folks.

IF I choose to go downtown to do some winter photography and IF I wind up in the area of the NSM then any and all consequences will solely belong to me. It's about taking responsibility. I'm certainly not going to blame the media, police, local business or anyone else because I chose to be there!

I, for one, refuse to hide in my home, adjust my entire weekend schedule, and cower in distorted anticipation of the arrival of the NSM. They are warp minded individuals that bear watching, but I'll be damned if I am going to hide from them!

historymike said...

The irony of the library closing because of the Nazis, as pointed out by the person I quoted, is disturbing.

The party that has the history of book burning - the Nazis - is now the party that at least temporarily causes access to books to be denied.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lisa Renee said...

Dear Brittany:

Even if you attend Toledo Public Schools you should know better, let's redo what you just commented to Mike shall we?:

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historymike said...

There is a certain irony that some of the most idiotic comments have been posted following a story about the closing of the downtown library for the NSM visit.

Lloyd said...


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Katie said...

I WAS going to comment on the library being closed, and I still will. However, I am MORE compelled to address the comment by "anonymous" with the racial slurs, etc. I agree with freedom of speech; thus you post his/her comments. And you will post mine as well. How immature you are Anonymous, to use that racial slur-you are a biggot. You cannot comment on something of substance, so you must produce more hate and venom. Is this simply a reality of being inbred, or just pure ignorance? Now, I will comment on the library thing. This is the business of doing business. Sometimes your business takes a loss. In this case, the library and perhaps other downtown businesses will close. So? Sunday will be a new day. Then Monday, and so on. We will go about our business and forget about the.....who is coming to town on the 10th anyway??? I FORGET ALREADY!!!

BrianMaxson said...

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Mike, please allow me to take this time to personally thank you for the time and patience of having to deal with such stupid people. Your tolerance level is exceptional. Your coverage of these bands of nit-wits is Pulitizer material. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

For a group of monkeys/lemmings, I truly find it amusing that this MSN thing has riled up another band of idiots that claim to be for the opposite, or anti, to what MSN "believes in". To read the antics of these clowns going at each other has taken away from my "reading comics" and playing on my Playstation2, and I have become insulted that all these dolts can do is publically denounce each other. Let's go ladies, are you losers involved or committed?

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BrianMaxson said...

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