Dec 5, 2005

Latest NSM Rally Developments

Left: Possible cordon sanitaire for Saturday's NSM rally

(Toledo, OH) The return of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) to Toledo on Saturday December 10 appears to be shaping up as an important event for the Neo-Nazis and allied white supremacists.

NSM Commander Jeff Schoep says that the neo-Nazi Group will be joined by member of various Klan organizations, skinheads, and Internet white power host Hal Turner. Turner, by the way, recently weighed in with the following commentary on a black murder suspect, whom he labeled a "Savage Negro Beast":

How many times do these things have to happen before the rest of America wakes up to the fact that whites and blacks are totally incompatible?
We are two separate species that simply cannot exist together because our very genetics make us so different. This beast should be LYNCHED!

Joining the ranks of the protesters will be former Toledoan Gerald Rose, who is bringing a group called New Order to the rally. He will be joining the likes of the ARA, the ISO, members of the Nation of Islam, and a group that bills itself as the "Type A collective," which may or may not inculde members of some of the aforementioned anti-racist groups.

It appears that there will be a variety of protest flanks with which TPD will have to contend. Most have pledged non-violence, but at least one is "keeping its options open."

Sources close to the planning have indicated that the State Patrol will be in charge of the grounds around the Government Center, and that TPD will be responsible for the area outside of the perimeter. Another knowledgeable source has indicated that there may be as big as a two-block area cordoned off by police around the neo-Nazi rally point.

Communications vans will be located around the area to help coordinate actions by police officials, and I am told that radios between the various departments will be linked to better communicate potential trouble zones.

I will have more on the subject as it occurs, as well as a lengthier piece in this Wednesday's Toledo Free Press.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm starting to get worried. Mike, why can't everyone take your advice and stay home?--Jason

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Do you have actual facts that members of the Nation of Islam will be among the protesters? If so, what are they, please? Thank you in advance.

historymike said...

A spokesman for the anti-Nazi coaltion indicated that members of these groups will be present.

There has been no official word from the organization itself, Mrs. Phoenix.

My impression is that this has not been sanctioned by the group, but that individual members are joining the coalition.

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Thank you, historymike.

Anonymous said...

The Nation of Islam rarely protests white separatist groups.

Further, when they do, they are usually on the same side as the white separatists.

Mr. Schwartz said...

I keep saying this and I believe it that this will be on the equal of the Yorktown, Virginia rally on the level of the nazis. About 50 of them are going to show up.

But it does appear that the opposition to rally is what is going to be large, thus making this nazi rally larger than what it was.

I really wish Toledo would treat the rally like Kingston, NY treated Hal Turner's which ended up being a non-event.

Anyhow, good luck in Toledo.

historymike said...

I don't think we can make generalizations about individual members of the Nation of Islam, anonymous.

I also find it difficult to picture them on stage with the likes of Bill White.

Do said...

After listening to, and reading, much local chatter it seems like the NSM is going to be outnumbered about 3:1 with antifas.

I sense that that will cause concern within the NSM and rightfully so. To cause a huge spotlight to shine on your 'event' only to have to take second billing to the opposition might prove rather humbling to the likes of Bill White and his NSM tooties.

And, in the grand scheme of things, just where does this Jeff Schoep fit in? Apparently he can't be top dog if he's letting Bill White do all the talking.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I just heard on the tube that many surrounding counties have confirmed to the media that they will be here assisting/supporting the Lucas Co. Sheriff and the Toledo Police.

So the party is on, who's bringing the weenies?

Oh, sorry Bill, how could I forget... ;-)

(someone has to keep their sense of humor about this)