Dec 2, 2005

Letter From Anti-Nazi Group To Mayor Ford

(Toledo, OH) I have debated how to proceed with this post, and I have decided to just print this letter verbatim. I will not add any commentary or analysis in this post.

The letter is from a group that has chosen the name "Type A Collective." I have verified that it is legitimate, and sources within the city know about it. A source in the anti-racist coalition also knows of the letter, but was quick to add that the letter "does not speak for the entire coalition."

I should point out that, while there is an anti-Nazi "coalition," there is by no means any consensus on strategy. Most members of the anti-Nazi coalition have pledged a peaceful, non-violent protest.

Other anti-Nazi elements in the coalition are keeping their options open.

I would like readers of the letter to use the comments section to tell me (and the world) what it means.

Here, then, is the text of the letter (the first part of the letter is addressed to me, and the second part to Mayor Ford):

As individuals strongly opposed to racism and fascism we feel it necessary to prevent the planned return of the National Socialist Movement to our city. The NSM is a group with a violent record and a political platform that advocates genocide. History has proven that ignoring groups such as this is a dangerous mistake. Should the city not prevent their return, and instead offer these bigots police protection, there is a significant chance of events similar to those of October 15th taking place. We love and care deeply about our city and will do whatever must be done to
protect it. Below is a letter that was sent to Mayor Ford in the hopes of preventing a potentially disastrous situation on December 10th.

[second part addressed to mayor begins here]

Greetings Mayor ford. [non-capitalization of Ford's name in original]
We are writing to you in regards to the planned return of the National Socialist Movement on December 10th. While we certainly understand the desire to keep the city's planned response a secret, the lack of any strong message about blocking this event is somewhat worrisome. The purpose of this message is to convey that in no uncertain terms will this group be allowed to return to Toledo unopposed. As people who genuinely love and care about our city we think it important that you be aware of the possible ramifications of allowing these fascists to return.

If the Nazi rally is allowed to proceed there is a significant chance of a repeat of what happened October 15th, or possibly something even greater. This is something that this city cannot afford either fiscally or, in the case of many elected officials, politically. It is important that you immediately issue a public notice that the city of Toledo will not tolerate this group returning, and if they do, that
they will not be provided police protection. If no such notice is made, it could potentially have a devastating effect on our fine city.

Thank you
Respectfully, The type A collective

Anxiously awaiting to hear what readers think of this letter.


Arnold said...

First this is American and not Nazi Germany so let the Nazis march. The people who want to prevent them are no better than the Nazis themselves. The constitution gave everyone the right to peacefully assemble

The best thing all groups opposed to the Nazis can do is...ignore them and that includes the press. They seek publicity and nothing more. Just quarantine them.

Anonymous said...

The letter is a thinly veiled threat of violence against the demonstrators. Seems pretty clear to me, and I flunked high school english.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Response posted on

Keep up the good work as the only capable media this one-horse town has.

(not to belittle The Collegian and their reporter.

Thank God for the Toledo Free Press, ToledoTalk, and blogs...

antifa said...

Let the Nazis assemble! And let them deal with the consequences of their actions and "free speech."


No need for the government to stop them from assembling… and no need to provide them with hundreds of police escorts…

The racist terrorists are “free” to do whatever they want and people are “free” to respond in whatever way they want!

Anonymous said...

Blacks and Jews just want to keep the white nationalists from telling truth. why should you be surprised by there tactics?

Theseus said...

re: "Free speech isn't free."

Your soulution, I imagine, would be acceptable to the NSM (although I do not know them, I share a knowlege of what Jews have done to our society).

Most of them are also 2nd amendment advocates, if you know what I mean, and would not hesitate to defend their right to peaceably assemble from rock-throwing human garbage. Do you have any idea how many former SOF and other military make up the ranks of WNs?

So, yeah. Bring it on.

Mr. Schwartz said...

I think white supremacist are going to write anonymous letters claiming they are antifa ready to commit violence.

Bill White uses this tactic all the time, writing letters under bogus names claiming to be violent antifa.

Hooda Thunkit said...

This is beginning to look just a little "schizo" to me...

Nikki said...

We were discussing this letter a little earlier. I don't know if I buy the idea that this came from a group of anti's. I guess anything is possible - but it has Bill White written all over it.

Anonymous said...

first off, i would not put it past bill white to utilize the tactic of writing a letter posing as antifa, apparently he has embraced this course of action before. secondly, stop with the moral equivalent nonsense. i'm sure most of you die-hard constitutional defenders are either sympathetic to their insane plight, or a perfect example of armchair activism meaning that you're so damn apathetic, that your fuckin' opinion doesn't matter. perhaps you missed the part where nsm calls for genocide. perhaps we should protect them to demonstrate their vile form of "free speech"...are you fucking kidding?! the liberals might as well be working hand in hand with the nazis here....

historymike said...


Try to specify to whom your comments are directed. I sense that you are quite perturbed about something you have read, but I am not sure which response or post you are referencing.

I have heard the "liberals working hand-in-hand with nazis" argument before, either as part of a larger conspiracy, or through their unintentional complicity. I can't buy the conspiracy theory, but I can see where a case could be made for a sort of unintended acquiescence.

Most people, though, have not seen what you have seen. They do not understand why you have adopted a hard line about the Nazis. They only see a few media shots of goose-stepping NSM members, and do not recognize that there are a lot of white supremacists keeping a low profile.

The letter is legit, and I verified that through two sources. However, the letter does not speak for the local antifa coalition, just one group within the coalition.

Is there disinformation going on? Sure. Both sides are engaged in a protracted war of words at the moment, and some elements within all interested parties are dedicated to spin mode.

I look at my work on this as a source for accurate information, as well as to provde the citizens of Toledo with an objective analysis of what might transpire on December 10.

I make no attempt to pretend that I am completely unbiased, as I find the rhetoric of the racist right to be repugnant and divisive. However, I am not here to editorialize on the philosophies of white supremacists.

Anti Fascist Action said...

Beat the living shit out of Bill White and his cronies. Short term, they'll get some publicity, but if they can't type/write/talk because their fingers and jaws are broken, the publicity will end pretty quick!

Solidarity from Aotearoa

historymike said...

Sorry, can't condone that, AFA.

The Nazis will heal, and then they will be back.

Better to let 'em talk to the snowflakes, and quietly leave town, with both Toledo and the Nazis in safety.

Nikki said...

Antifa - do that and you do nothing more than make martyrs out them. Do they deserve to be given that much respect?

Beat them at their own game - it's not that hard - they make it pretty damned easy.