Dec 3, 2005

Local Activist Speaks Out About NSM Article

Left: NSM's Bill White; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) Bill White of the National Socialist Movement has been writing articles critical of Toledoans he believes to be the leaders of the anti-Nazi coalition. He has attacked Pastor Mansour Bey, the Pilgrim United Church of Christ, and Gerald Rose in recent posts.

He recently published a series of articles that criticized, among other people, a Jeep worker named George Windau, a peace activist named Patrick Dyer, and a local labor activist named Michael-Franklin Green. He has also posted the home addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information about these individuals.

In my opinion this is a violation of the personal privacy of private citizens. White routinely uses this tactic to attempt to intimidate people he views as his opponents, and he knows full well that unstable elements among the ranks of the racist right could use this information to terrorize innocent people.

Mr. Windau sent me a letter this morning that I am going to print verbatim without commentary. He deserves at least a forum from which he can adress the charges that Mr. White has levied.

I have met Patrick Dyer three times, briefly, and know him to be a peace activist and member of the ISO. He was present at the peace march led by Pastor Mansour Bey through North Toledo in November. I highly doubt that he authored the Type A Collective letter. Mr. Green, to my knowledge, is not a member of any of the anti-fascist groups, although he expressed in an interview with me that he holds Communist views. Green is also a peace-oriented activist, and is a regular at anti-war protests.

Here, then, is Mr. Windau's letter:

Open letter to Mr. Nazi!

I have no authority to speak on behalf of Patrick Dyer, but I have the right to say what I know is true, namely this: Neither Patrick Dyer, Michael-Franklin Green, nor George Windau authored or had anything to do with the letter sent by "the Type-A collective" to Mayor Ford. Furthermore, neither Dyer (Irish American), Green (African American) nor Windau (German American) are Jews or of Jewish ethnic origin. This is in response to false claims made on the neo-Nazi website ( that were brought to my attention by friends who are monitoring this website (I am not monitoring websites, too busy to do so). The NSM neo-Nazis and their delusional spokesperson, Mr. Bill White, are pathological liars and pathetic propagandists (Hitler and Goebels would be ashamed of them for their erratic use of ineffecitve propaganda).

The NSM neo-Nazis and their white supremicist allies do not know what they are talking about; October 15th in Toledo proved that they don't know what they are doing, and December 10th will prove that the leadership of the NSM group is incompetent for the cause they represent. Not even a madman like Adolf Hitler would march twice into Stalingrad, but Bill White and his neo-Nazis are doing exactly that by returning to Toledo within two months. With each NSM "visit" they alienate the very white people they claim to represent by costing this city hundreds of thousands of dollars for special police protection, and now, with the main public library branch closed, even the 'white' people of Toledo are inconvenienced by denial of their right to use this branch of our library system. Even Mr. Thomas Szych has turned against the NSM neo-Nazis now. Go Figure!

Furthermore, with respect to Mayor Ford and Mayor-Elect Finkbeiner, when we wish to talk to Mayor Ford, we speak in person, in front of witnesses and Mr. Finkbeiner promptly returns our phone calls to his office as well. So, we don't need to write any "letters" of any kind to any public official in this city...we just dial telphone numbers or pop into the office of the official we wish to speak to. Do you get that now, Mr. Nazi? Your ineffective propaganda proves that you are liars (as if, Dyer, Green and Windau are Jewish names!) and December 10th will prove to your own followers that the NSM leadership is nothing but a delusional gang of incompetent losers.

=> Crush neo-Fascism in America!
=> All out to humiliate the NSM neo-Nazi idiots on December 10th!
=> All anti-Fascists, anti-Racists assemble at your local neighborhood branch of the public library on Saturday, December 10th at 12:00 noon! We will convevege to a site
announed on "the day of" our action against the NSM neo-Nazis and their allies.

George Windau, proud member of UAW Local 12, Toledo Ohio

Addendum, 3:20 PM: I just got off the phone with a spokesman for the anti-Nazi coalition. He said that the group "refuses to be intimidated by Mr. White's irresponsible terror tactics" in posting personal information about Toledoans.

"Mr. White can post the phone numbers of everyone involved, but we will not back down from our cause," he said. "We find it funny that Mr. White, supposedly marching in a legal and peaceful manner, would engage in a campaign of terror."


Anonymous said...

There are some twisted minds in the neo-Nazi movement. People need to know that these people will stop at nothing to foward their agenda of genocide of nonwhites.

Anonymous said...

Windau is a Jew slug who loves niggers. He needs to know that good white people do not betray their race.

Anonymous said...

When Michael Blevins personal info was posted on NIM Busters, Bill White had a hissy fit and had the board removed several times from Network54..............can we say hypocrite

White also made a threatening phone call to the Sarasota reporter who did the newspaper article on Bleivns, White can dish it out but whines when it is applied to him and his flock

Nikki said...

Bill White appears to have but one thing in mind as we approach Dec. 10th and that is creating tension and propagandizing his rally. When he sees an opportunity for publicity, Bill White is ruthless and will stop at nothing. After all, Bill is throwing a party and he wants to be sure that everyone comes.

Violating the privacy of citizens gives White no qualms. Look at what happened after Hale's trial - he published the address and telephone number of Tonay Evola, the federal informant who testified against Hale. The problem was that he published information on the wrong Tony Evola. He did the very same thing a few months later in regard to the directors of Citizens Against Hate. He just flies by the seat of his pants and utters lie after lie.

historymike said...

Agreed, Nikki.

It will be interesting to see who he next profiles in his attacks.

So far he is making some odd choices. Pastor Mansour Bey has been one of the true peacemekers in this community, and has always advocated that people stay away. He is leading events the day before and the day after the Nazi rally.

Attacking the Pilgrim United Church of Christ was a goofy move. They are so far away from the antiracist activist crowd that his attack seems bizarre.

Of course, we have to remember that Bill is relying on what he can pick up from the Internet. He alludes to "ground reconnaissance," but it is clear he is gleaning info from local media stories that make it onto the Web.

Something was wrong with Blogger's word verification, so I disabled it for now. I apologize for those who have been trying to make comments the past few hours.

Nikki said...

Mike, Bill White doesn't have to know what he's talking about - he just talks. If there is something he doesn't know about, he fakes it. He just ad libs and lets the chips fall where they may. When he talks about things like "ground reconnaissance," I know immediately that he is relying on sketchy information that, undoubtedly, came from the internet.

Hooda Thunkit said...


(And I think that I'll leave it right there for now.)

Do said...

Ummmmmmmmm - Mike - I think this answers your question as to who is next on the hit parade for Bill White's Lie of the Day.

For more information, see the blogsite of Michael Brooks at Text or photos can be copied from the blogsite as long as proper attribution is given.

[Bill: That guy, real weenie, wants to be a journalist, can't find a paper to hire him, has a crush on Isis, and is a complete joke, as far as I'm concerned.]

historymike said...

Thanks, Do.

I didn't see that one - is that from his website?

historymike said...

Never mind, Do, I found it.

Not going to get in a flame war with Mr. White. While I find his views repugnant, I have tried to remain respectful and cordial toward him, and I will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that anyone who opposes tne NSM is obviously either a jew or a commie or both.

I hate Nazis and I happen to be an atheist and an anarchist, so what about me. I'm confused. Should I take up Judaism, should i grow fonder of government?

Please Bill, tell me how to get through this identity crisis.