Dec 1, 2005

Local Activists Gearing Up For Nazi Event

Left: map of Toledo-Lucas County library sites, courtesy of library websiite

(Toledo, OH) Information is beginning to filter in about plans by local anti-Nazi activists to protest the upcoming December 10 National Socialist Movement (NSM) rally.

One source told me that there are "over a dozen" local groups participating in the coalition.

"We have quite a variety of peace groups and political groups participating," he said. "There are a lot of people unhappy with the city's decision to allow the Nazis to come into our city and stir up trouble."

The coalition is refusing to make public its plans until December 10, but a source told me that groups will be meeting up at wide number of city locations.

"One scenario has different groups meeting up at library locations all over the city," he said. "From there the groups will receive word via cellphone about the convergence point."

The reason for the secrecy is that many in coalition believe that the police will target counter-protesters in the days before the rally.

"The coalition intends to be mobile and flexible," he said. "With cellphones, word can get out in a matter of minutes, and then the plans will not be compromised."

Another activist pointed out an irony in the closing of the downtown library when the NSM comes to town.

"The Nazis are the group historically associated with book-burning," he said. "Here in Toledo, the Nazi visit means local citizens get deprived of access to books."

A spokesperson for the anti-Nazi coalition said that he hopes peace will prevail.

"There is one group, though, that has only agreed to peaceful actions at the convergence point," he said. "From that point forward they said they would the rest depended on the actions of the Nazis and the police."

The coalition believes that a much larger anifa presence will be downtown on December 10 than protested against the Nazis on October 15.

"The last event was mostly local residents, because we only had a few days to react," he said. "This time there are people coming from as far away as Texas."


Hooda Thunkit said...

Oh joy...

The nazis, the antifa, ant the local groups all playing games.

I'm beginning to get a knot in my stomach, right about here...

I'm curious, how will the assombled public safety forces react to this strategy?

Public safety, especially police don't like surprises...

Lisa Renee said...

I swear (and I don't often swear) if I read one more comment about

There are a lot of people unhappy with the city's decision to allow the Nazis to come into our city and stir up trouble."

I'm going to scream and look for duct tape to keep my brains from exploding. This is exactly how the whole riot thing started people that did not have a clue as to what the Constitution means or any other clue as to what the City of Toledo could have actually done.

Especially since it's not even property owned by the City.

My advice to all of those anti-Nazi groups? STAY HOME so that we can finally be done with this whole mess.

I'm sorry Mike, if I don't visit the next few days? It's probably for the best given my level of frustration.


historymike said...

(historymike hands Lisa a roll of duct tape and slooowly walks away).

I very much understand your frustration, Lisa. I prefer peaceful means to resolve differences, and I am not convinced that the antifa strategy solves anything.

The problem is, the antifa aren't staying home. They absolutely despise the messages of the Nazis, and feel that they must confront them.

I am already getting slagged by civic-minded Toledoans for blogging what I am hearing: "By writing about the Nazis, you give them more attention than they would otherwise get" and so forth.

I would gladly move on to other topics if our sleepy local media would pay attention to what is shaping up to be another big confrontation. However, people need to be aware of what is on the horizon.

There was a community forum at UT tonight dealing with many of these issues. I will blog more tomorrow, but there was a large presence missing.

The Toledo media.

I was there as a speaker (and the person to whom everyone vented their anger about the lame local media) and one writer from the Independent Collegian.

That's it.

More later; I have to get some sleep.

Jr said...

I agree with Lisa Renee about the right for a group to assemble, and I am also baffled that some people don't understand the rights American citizens have. But I saw something even more disturbing in historymike's comment:

"I am already getting slagged by civic-minded Toledoans for blogging what I am hearing: "By writing about the Nazis, you give them more attention than they would otherwise get" and so forth."

Freedom to assemble, freedom of the press, these basic rights are not understood by some people. It seems as of some would like to stifle historymike's freedom of the press.

Lisa Renee said...

Mike, you know how I feel about you and you and I have always been honest with each other. I consider you a friend.

If I truly thought that what you were doing was part of the problem I would say something to you. Off blog of course but I would.

You are a journalist. You are not making Bill White come here nor the anti-nazi protesters act as they are.

I don't blame you at all, but I do take issue with some of what those you talk to say. I've seen what has happened to you and someone else because of this nonsense and I also realize it's to the point where if you were to quit writing about it that certain idiots would take it as some type of a victory.

I just didn't want some of those yahoos who try to write so much into things if I stopped participating so much to become some type of a point. There has been more than enough bs spread about the internet.

You know no matter what I will always support you.

historymike said...


You raise an interesting point about the press. Many local people just want this to end, because they (rightly) see this as a divisive event that could hurt the city's image.

Some members of the press undoubtedly agree with this viewpoint, and either consciously or unconsciously want to devote little attention to the topic.

Others fear that covering the topic gives the Nazis what they seek: more attention. Underlying this fear, I think, is a belief that the Nazis might actually get more powerful by getting a forum.

The dark side of this: there may actually be people sympathetic to white supremacist views who work in local media. More than one person at last night's UT forum hinted at this prospect.

Personally? I think that the more light that is shined, the less that white supremacists can operate unimpeded. I don't think that we should just ignore a Mark Martin when he shows up at a local Meijer's, or when he puts flyers in someone's newspaper box.

More than one person last night worried about how all of this discussion will affect their children. They worry that kids will somehow be harmed knowing that there are people who might bring them harm.

Me? I want my kids to know that there are dangerous people with outrageous views. This makes them more informed citizens, and gets them ready for the realities of modern life.

But I can remember when they were young, and how I wanted to always protect and shield them. I used to believe that children should grow up with the idea that the world was basically a good place.

Now I feel differently. I think that children should gow up believing the world is, on the whole, a good place, but that there are a few very dangerous people who could bring them har.

What is it Reagan used to say about the Russians and their nuclear arms?

"Trust, but verify."

antifa said...

Mike... keep shining that light. The more people know about these racist terrorists the better... no platform for racist terrorists but keep the people informed

Hooda Thunkit said...

"...but there was a large presence missing.

The Toledo media."

Mike, You and a reporter from the Collegian were there, the large presence missing was the unconcerned media.

Shame on them.

They HAD to know that this meeting was taking place, and it is their job to be curious enough to show up, just in case some news broke out.

I'm just going to assume that is part of the reason that they're losing readers/viewers, and it's their own damn fault.

I pity the fools that rely on them for what’s important in this town…

historymike said...

I am behind in my work, so I will probably not get out the post on last night's event until this evening, Hooda.

But you are dead on with your take. What's the old media saw? "If it bleeds, it leads?"