Dec 6, 2005

Local Coalition Calls For Prayer Vigil Against Hate

Left: One Government Center, the site of Saturday's neo-Nazi rally; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) The arrival of the neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement (NSM) on Saturday December 10 has led a coalition of religious and community groups to schedule a prayer vigil on Friday evening.

The event will take place from 5:30 to 6:30 PM in front of One Government Center, the site of the neo-Nazi rally. The group hopes that prayer will “consecrate” the building and the citizens of the city.

Pastor Mansour Bey of the First Church of God said that the group hopes to counteract hate messages with more positive rhetoric.

Left: Religious and community leaders call for prayer vigil; photo by historymike

“We believe that once we come together collectively and corporately that there will be a different outcome after this rally,” he said. “We hope that all people of good faith join together with us,”

Juanita Greene, executive director of the Board of Community Relations, said that those wishing to protest the NSM use the prayer vigil as a positive outlet.

“We hope to have more people show up on the Friday vigil than on Saturday,” she said. “For those who are unable to make the prayer vigil, we urge you to stay at home with your families on Saturday.”

Pastor Will Stuart, of Nu Vizion Christian Fellowship, said that the rally’s organizers hoped to send a different message than the neo-Nazis.

“We want to cover the city with prayer,” he said. “By giving people a positive alternative, we hope to avoid needless conflict and put out an ideology of love.”

In addition to the prayer vigil on Friday, there will be an alternative event at the Collingwood Arts Center from 2 to 4:30 PM on Saturday. The highlight of the gathering will be a film entitled “Promises,” which examines people living peacefully amid the violence and strife of the West Bank.


Anonymous said...

Sissies you have your event now.

BrianMaxson said...

What I find interesting is that, for you old-timers, the "rally" is being held on the spot where FM 104 used to have their radio studios.

For you media-seeking attention hounds, try "crankin' it up" on your car stereo and take the $100 citation and drown these idiots out with ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!

Hooda Thunkit said...

You won't be able to get your car within sight of the Government Center on Saturday.

ajax saith said...

to historymike:

this blogpost of yours really shows the hysterical terror the non-whites feel toward the spector of a united white nationalist army

the poor blacks are so petrified at the prospect of white people shunning them and openly declaring their total un-need of them

i continue to shake my head in disbelief at the amount of attention bloggers like you and your fellow compatriot nikki and many others lavish very liberally upon these very tiny nazi gatherings

it is as if you are anticipating at any moment the mountains will give birth to the apocalyptic horsemen wearing swastikas and charging down the mount blowing the trumpet to awaken the sleeping great white shark to a feeding frenzy

historymike said...


What it actually shows is that a handful of racist clowns can stir up a lot of anger.

Over 700 people took to the streets in Toledo on October 15 in opposition to 26 swastika-loving NSM members.

If there is a "united army," I would argue that the anti-racists could make a better case than the racists.

The "poor blacks" to which you refer are actually angry about their lot in life. In my conversations with people of color and people in poverty, I do not hear a "fear of white people shunning them." I hear anger that there are still vestiges of racism lurking about.

I have heard eloquent African Americans make a convincing argument that slavery did not end in 1863 (Emancipation Proclamation), 1865 (end of Civil War), 1877 (end of Reconstruction), or 1965 (passage of Civil Rights Act), but that it still exists for many blacks, at least in a de facto sense.

ajax saith said...

to historymike:
"What it actually shows is that a handful of racist clowns can stir up a lot of anger.

Over 700 people took to the streets in Toledo on October 15 in opposition to 26 swastika-loving NSM members.'
you have proven my point, look at what just a 'handful' of 26 so called 'racist clowns' are capable of generating

these were not 26 released murderers or child molesters or stock market fraudsters or enron corporation officials, these were white nationalist extremists who carried the nazi swastika ensign, an image-symbol representing a majestically powerful third reich, a government-ideology that has been dead for 60 years, do you think 26 people dressed in red and carrying the hammer and sickle flag shouting for communist revolution would be able to bring out a tenth of that 700 people?

if the nazi-clowns were ignored it would not show indifference it would show no fear to the nazi presence,it would show they are not afraid but because this large crowd came out it shows both fear and dread toward any possibility of a white nationalsit presence appearing (the nazi symbol simply for shock value)

the greatest nightmare fear the jew controlled left and multi-culti cult-diversitists can conceive within their imagination is an organized ocean of sober rational respectable whitemen and whitewomen and whitechildren withdrawing (shunning and segregating) themselves from the black and mexican population (i mention these 2 races because they are enemy #1 and enemy #2, and i exclude asians because whites respect asians)

blacks dread to death the possibility that whites would ever say collectively to their face "we don't respect you" and "we don't need you"

this 'racism' game that blacks continue to play is simply evidence of the disrespect (for good reason) whites have for them and how whites continue (for good reason) to shun them, most blacks are not interested on being judged by individual character they desire to be judged as a mass race and by race numbers, therefore when whites have negative experiences with blacks they make general stereotypes with universal applications, it unfortunately affects the good blacks who have to be paitent to find acceptance, also by nature all groups are tribal and an aspect of that tribality is racial in character so when whites in the majority show preference toward their fellow whites over blacks they are simply showing natural tribal preference, blacks and other distinctive racial groups do the very same thing when they have a majority presence in a given situation

as far as blacks claiming to still be in bondage to their white slave masters, i consider that a back handed complement to the power whites have over those blacks, when they claim to still be in enslavement it infers a slaveowner so i assume they mean white people, i kind of laugh because it shows how pitifully weak they are and how powerful whites are, it is also a self-destructive disease looking toward the white to both hate and draw help from, it is a state of mind and the only way to overcome this dead state is to become self responsible and self sufficient

one thing blacks have to get over is the slavery cross that they carry, only blacks can do this whites cannot do it for them, any apology and reparations will do nothing to cleanse their psyche

imagine if rich uncle sam gave to each and every black face an official congressional apology written in finest parchment along with a 20 year federal tax exemption and 1 million dollars in gold coin tax free

how happy blacks would be, would they be thankful to whites?, would they think whites now love them?, more importantly would they end the 'racism' game and all of its associated game-tricks they play? i would think a very high percentage of them would become corrupted (drugs, gambling, infighting etc etc) certainly overall their economic standard would be raised but how would it affect their moral standards?, the very very high percentage of bastard children born to them, the multiple children from multiple fathers, the violence they inflict upon one another etc etc