Dec 17, 2005

Mysterious Bus Bench


(Toledo, OH) I have passed this bus bench on Monroe Street near the corner of Douglas Road for some time now, and I am puzzled as to the meaning of the letters inscribed on it by an unknown painter.

The bench is owned by Bench Billboard Company, which is based in Cincinnati. This bench appears to have been pirated by a guerilla artist with an unknown agenda.

So I call out to Toledoans, anagram enthusiasts, and code breakers to solve this odd puzzle, which has been driving me batty for a few weeks.

What, in your opinion, did the artist have in mind when he or she painted these letters? First person to correctly solve this mystery gets my undying gratitude, as well as a gold star on your forehead.


historymike said...

AirTrainer, a poster at ToledoTalk, has posited "Did I Tell You Today How Much I Love You" to the DITYTHMILY part.

Creative solution to the second half; now what is the first?

Hooda Thunkit said...

History Phu**ing Mike, You Fox???

One of your less than literate admirers Mike?