Dec 2, 2005

NSM To Pass Out Flyers In Toledo, SE Michigan


(Toledo, OH) Left: Copy of NSM flyer distributed in Bowling Green; click to enlarge

I received an email this afternoon from a source who claims that the NSM will be passing out flyers in southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio over the next seven days. Another source sent me a .jpg copy of the flyer that was passed out by NSM member Mark Martin in the Bowling Green area last weekend.

"They want to make sure they can get as many bodies in Toledo as possible," said the source, claiming inside knowledge. "They also want to freak out the antis."

The source said that the flyers themselves will serve a two-fold purpose.

"They may actually get some people to come and stand with them," said the writer. "The other purpose is just to get the media talking about them even more."

Which, of course, this media geek just did.


Mr. Schwartz said...

Kind of ironic that they want they want to expose the anti-free speech of the Government... but yet the Government is the ones allowing them to speak because of the 1st amendment.

Also remember while they cry about wanting the 1st amendment for themselves, they want it revoked for the jews and anyone else who disagrees with them.

antifa said...

I also find their claims of censorship ironic considering that the government has not attempted to ban their organization.
These racist terrorists want to confuse people into thinking that there is some threat to "free" speech. When this is really about the fact that they are a terrorist organization/movement with a violent criminal history that is attempting to recruit and carry out their activities in our communities.
Like hell we are going to let this terrorist movement grow. We will oppose these racists every where they appear.

Anonymous said...

Genocide is the ultimate form of free speech infringement, isn't it Harry?

Deportation of minorities would also qualify as a form of repressing free speech, too.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I just someone records and reports this whole event accurately, for us non-participants.

I also hope it will be a very short story...

historymike said...

Agreed, Hooda.

Two hours, cold temps, snow, and no violence would be perfect.

Nikki said...

Free speech carries with it some responsibility as does any "right." I am, personally, a little sick and tired of these people cloaking themselves in the free speech rhetoric while abrogating our rights to be safe and secure.

As antifa says, they scream censorship as they stand behind a line of law-enforcement who are there to protect them and their right to speak. What's wrong with this picture?

Hooda Thunkit said...

Human nature just won't let some people ignore the nazis, they just can't help themselves.


Do said...

I think the 'attraction' for most observers of the NSM is that we, as civilized people, cannot fathom the ignorance of the statements posted by NSM.

As reasonably intelligent people we are finding it difficult to believe that such archaic ideas are still running rampant.