Dec 16, 2005

On Police Chief Mike Navarre

Left: Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre, talking with protesters before the October 15 NSM rally

(Toledo, OH) I visited a funeral home yesterday; the father of a friend of mine passed away. I did not know the man except through the anecdotes that my friend shared with me about her father.

I looked up and to my surprise Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre came into the room. He walked over to the casket, watched the video profile of my friend's father, talked with many of the people in the room, and left after about an hour.

The man who passed away was a Toledo Police officer who retired in 1985. Twenty years have passed since he left the force, and yet Navarre took time out of his evening to pay his respects to a good man he may not have seen in years.

This quiet, low-key chief, in my opinion, has been unfairly blamed for the riot that occurred on October 15 after the failed rally by the National Socialist Movement (NSM). The incident involving Captain Diana Ruiz-Krause is completely irrelevant to the violence that happened, as Ruiz-Krause is the public information officer for the department. Navarre was well within his rights to make a simple personnel decision - allowing Ruiz-Krause to attend a family event - especially when she left at a time when the crowd was peaceful.

Note: I have heard favorable comments from TPD officers about Captain Jack Smith, Navarre's apparent replacement in January. I trust that mayor-elect Carty Finkbeiner has done his homework and picked a capable administrator.

The department has achieved distinction in Navarre's tenure as chief. The report from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) noted that TPD ranked in the top five percent of police agencies nationwide, confirming what most Toledoans know: Mike Navarre has performed admirably in his role as chief.

I have great respect and admiration for Mike Navarre, and he has been a straightforward and honest administrator in the dealings that I have had with him. The attacks on Navarre, in my opinion, are completely unwarranted, and reflect the ugly political nature of a government bureaucracy.

Mike Navarre, you will be missed.


elric1488 said...

Navarre is a traitor to the white man.

Tex said...

Hitler was the traitor to the white man, he took away their rights and murdered millions of white men.

Unlike Nazi Germany, if we don\'t like a politician we can vote them and their administration out, in Germany under Hitler you were stuck with them, and if you complained you were likely to sent away for reeducation.

historymike said...

Elric1488: You don't even live here. How would you know the first thing about Mike Navarre, except through the delusional posts of Bill White?

Tex: Good points. I fail to see how a person with an IQ over 60 can find anything redeeming in the genocidal ideology of the Nazis.

Mr. Schwartz said...


You are wrong. Hitler killed TENS OF MILLIONS of white people. He bombed white countries, white children, and white communities on a nightly basis. Hitler allied himself with non aryan countries called Japan.

Most white supremacist today would not be considered aryan according to Hitler. That includes people like Alex Linder, Bill White, Michael Blevins, Don Black and a host of others, all of whom are non-aryan according to the standards that Hitler set.

Hitler would gas most of the white racists today.

Nikki said...

And...if he saw that rag-tag bunch of NSM dufuses parading around in Hollywood slap-stick fashion he would have them shot on the spot.

Rainie01 said...


Thanks for the nice comments about my dad. Also, I agree with you about Chief Navarre--he's a good man.

BrianMaxson said...

Mike Navarre dosen't have one comedic bone in his body, otherwise those pathetic crybaby Nazi's would all have been tazered for being so God damn ignorant.

Personally, I believe that's why the Tazer was invented, to zap these narrow-minded simps into reality. It would have been effective, that's for sure. It dosen't beat a "boot party", but it's 4-stars on the entertainment venue.

elric, better hope Santa dosen't give me a Tazer for Christmas, cuz I'll enjoy watching you and that breeder you call a wife tap dance better than Sammy Davis Jr.

Oh yeah, and it was nice of Mike offering his heart and sympathies to his friends family.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I talked to several cops about Mike Navarre and the Ruiz-Krause issue and thay all had an ax to grind over the situation; but I got the impression that it was NOT a fresh ax.

Neither did it appear to be Mike's ax that they were grinding on...

And yes. the Department is better for Mike's leadership.

Unfortunately though, many are eagerly anticipating the leadership of a new cowboy.

(yee hahh)