Dec 23, 2005

Personal Dilemma


(Toledo, OH) A certain neo-Nazi individual, about whom I have editorialized in the past, has decided to train his sights on a respected local journalist named Clyde Hughes. The title of the ridiculous, asinine missive is "Clyde Hughes In Journalism Newspaper: Now I Know Why He's Such A Shitty Reporter -- He's Black."

(I am not even going to bother to link the fecal matter being passed off as journalism, just so I do not contribute to the traffic; if you want to read it, you'll have to search it out yourself).

My dilemma is this: if I follow my instincts and step up to defend Clyde (who I know to be a decent, hardworking man), I then feed into the megalomania of the neo-Nazi writer, thus giving him that quantity he so desperately craves - publicity.

If I choose to ignore the obvious attempt by this neo-Nazi to bait a response by me (or any other thinking person from this area), then I in essence allow this attack to go unanswered, and a modicum of hate, ignorance, and evil is permitted to stand as "fact."

If you were in my shoes, what would you do? I will follow the anticipated collective advice, assuming there are enough responses to warrant a quorum.


Mrs. Phoenix said...

Mr. Hughes' work is worthy of your defense, Mike. MrsPhoenix

Bill White said...

What's amazing is that you think I'm somehow asking you, specifically, to write something in his defense.

Or that I expect a defense to be made.

And I'm "megalomaniacal?"

Yeah, right.

Bill White said...

And, the article is from a professional journalist's association, with my commentary.

Why on earth would you think that the fact I comment on an article allows that commentary to stand as "fact", or that its "evil", "hate", etc.

I thought Hughes was a shitty journalist before I even knew he was black. In fact, I thought he was such a shitty journalist that I actually thought he was an antifa posing as a journalist, and, when I found out who he worked for, asked the Toledo Blade not to have him interview me.

Thus, Mike, I think I have the right, on my website, which is not yours, to laugh at the coincidence that this shitty journalist "just happens" to be black -- as about every other incompetent boob in the world "just happens" to turn out.


historymike said...

Mr. White:

You obviously have a reading problem; here's what I wrote:
"to bait a response by me (or any other thinking person from this area)" [emphasis added]

And you do have the right to say whatever you want.

Just as I have the right, and so does any Toledoan with a blog.

Have a nice day, Bill.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Clyde Hughes is the injured party here, what are his feelings?

I have no doubt that White is behind it, but pay him no mind. As an old Indian Chief once said:

"His lips are moving, but I hear none of his words."

Leave the child alone and he will (eventually) become bored and go away.

I'm sure that Mr. Hughes' support here trumps anything Bill cares to leave in his litterbox...

historymike said...

OK, that's one vote slam Bill, one vote ignore Bill.

Yes, Hooda, it annoys me most of all because Hughes did not deserve this. When Bill rants on me, at least I have given him reason to be perturbed, as I have composed at least a half-dozen editorials putting him in a less-than-favorable light.

Also, I saw Clyde on Central about 3:00 on October 15. I spoke to him for about 90 seconds, and he, like every other journalist, was torn between doing his job as a member of the media versus wanting to do something as a Toledoan.

White's racist, ignorant comments against Hughes are low, even by NSM's standards.

Mrs. Phoenix said...

"White's racist, ignorant comments against Hughes are low, even by NSM's standards."

NSM has standards? That's a news flash! :)


IsisDC said...

Billy really sang,

Screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo

Like some cat from Japan,

he could lick 'em by smiling

He could leave 'em to hang

Came on so loaded man,

*well hung* and snow white tan.


M A F said...

It does appear that Mr Hughes work is not in question and thus needs not be defended. The title of the "article" indicates that Mr White is interested in denigrating Mr Hughes because he is black.

Despite your skills as a writer and a cogent thinker will have little impact upon the thought process of those that practice stuperior logic.

Mike, I would suggest that you talk to Mr Hughes. Surely his feedback on the issue would serve to your advantage more so than anything that I or any other of your visitors have to say on the issue.

BrianMaxson said...

Louie Escobar was slung hung and pretty much ruined his political career by calling the 5/3rd people "terrorists".

Haven't heard much pertaining to him since.

Silence is golden. If Mr Hughes journalistic integrity was called into question, that's one thing, but we all know Bill has his blinders on.

Bill, face it, you failed. You can grasp straws until Satan wraps his gnarled fingers around your soul, you have no credibility. Your simple antics create more humor than your slanted views on reality.

Mike, considering the source for this critique, I'd just let sleeping dogs lie. Mr Hughes is an accomplished journalist, and one man's view shouldn't be the course taken for a drawn out vendetta that will eventually turn into another cheezy reason for these lemmings to show Toledo how pathetic their sound system is.

liberal_dem said...

Mike- It looks like Billy Boy is sicker than our original diagnosis indicated. I suggest that we pool our finances and get him to in-patient, long-term care. I doubt if Roanoke has the proper facility, so we may have to fly him North to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

I'm sure the the staff there will take good care of his needs. Imagine the image: black orderlies strapping old Billy Boy to his bed while racial slurs spew from the madman's mouth.

Of course, if the straps were pulled just a little tighter...

Tex said...

liberal_dem said...

I doubt if Roanoke has the proper facility, so we may have to fly him North to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

They have the proper facilities because Michael Blevins aka Vonbluvens stayed in a mental facility after his suicide attempt back in the 90's. In fact Vonblvuens still ownes the bill

willow said...

Mike, I wouldn't bother commenting any further than you already have. Bill White has no credibility whatsoever. Think of it this way. If his accusation against Maryland's House of Delegates member Dana Dembrow of being a coke addict in 2001 did no harm whatsoever then I think Mr. Hughes reputation is in no jeopardy. That is just one of the many examples that could be used to prove my point. I do commend you for wanting to stand up for Mr. Hughes, it shows integrity on your part. Merry Christmas.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Bah, this was just Brooks' CHRISTmas present to Bill White - a little extra publicity.

Gleiðileg LOL

CDRalph said...

Everyone who's ever bothered to read White's shitty little blog knows he's a hack who simply copys and pastes other people's articles, lies, misrepresents facts, lies, gets stuff completely wrong and the puts an outrageous spin to it, lies, and, oh yeah, lies. Did I mention he also copies and pastes other people's work without their permission and even giving them credit?

It's best to just put this piece of White trash on ignore and let it be. Nobody listens to him that 's why he has to throw these little temper tantrums to get some attention. White's parents ought to have spanked him as a child it would have done wonders.

historymike said...

Looks like eight votes for ignoring the bonehead, two for a rhetorical smackdown.

Guess I'll defer to the wishes of the posters.

Mr. Schwartz said...


They didn't do a thing for Blevins, he's still mentally ill and still on mental social security disability because of it and he still owes a tonload of money to Carilion Behavioral
Health and other mental health providers. Blevins is on seroquel and other harsh psych medications today.

Bill White also admitted that his own mother put him into a short term psych ward when White was addicted to alcohol and drugs by his own admission and website. He even bragged about being an underaged drinker and making home made drugs.

(although there is a lot more to the story that White leaves out, I won't even mention the starters pistol - and does anyone believe that someone put a mickey into his drinks trying to kill him?).