Dec 10, 2005

Police Arrest Two Photographers

Left: The Toledo Journal's Jeff Willis gets taken away; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) Police arrested two photographers at the beginning of the NSM rally in Toledo today.

One was Jeff Willis, of the Toledo Journal. I have not found out what prompted the police to arrest second, unidentified photographer.

I saw Jeff get bumped and step beyond the orange-and-white barricade; perhaps that is why he was arrested. As far as I could see, he was just doing his job.

Lots more happening; I finally got a decent wireless...


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Why would they go after the press?

historymike said...

I am not sure why the photographers were singled out, anonymous.

I was personally warned that police would arrest journalists in West Toledo at 12:15, and I studiously avoided any action the rest of the day that might get my ass thrown in the clink.

It was clear that officers were extremely keyed up, and it behooved everyone to exercise greater deference toward them.

That being said, a warm cot in jail sounded pretty good about 3:30, after standing for hours in single-digit windchills.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Everybody was on edge.

Thankfully, you missed hearing the echoing slam of steel on steel.

Great job!

historymike said...

I may be a lot of things, Hooda, but I am never one to mess with the police.

Only bad things happen. You can be much more effective staying calm and deferential, and then negotiating, rather than getting in their face about civil liberties.

My one experience with arguing with an officer saw my car get towed. I learn quickly.

Some officers would rather arrest 'em all and let the courts sort it out.