Dec 8, 2005

Rogue Visitor To Toledo - Craig Cobb

Left: Craig Cobb; photos by Isis

(Toledo, OH) Among the most unusual of visitors to Toledo this Saturday will likely be a man named Craig Cobb, whose stock in trade is to walk around neo-Nazi and white supremacist rallies trying to stir up trouble in antifa and media areas.

Nicole Nichols exposes Mr. Cobb with far greater knowledge and depth than I would be able to, as she has been tracking this individual for years. I recommend that people looking for more information on Cobb read the article on her excellent Citizens Against Hate website.

I am not looking to join the ranks of the full-time racist watchers, and I will surely incur the deluded wrath of the racist right for this post. Nonetheless, I think Toledoans need to be aware of Cobb and his tactics.

Cobb likes to walk up to unsuspecting people in the crowd and use racial epithets to provoke a reaction. He is also fond of sticking his camera in the faces of police offciers and badgering them with inane questions about the Constitution and civil rights (note: I always find myself shaking my head in disbelief when a Nazi whines about civil rights). He has even been known to accost members of the mainstream press and accuse them of being members of the Jewish media conspiracy (I am editing out his normal ethnic slurs).

Sort of like a strung-out, racist Michael Moore who has not bathed in a month, but without the intelligence. OK, so not much like Michael Moore, but you get the picture. Just be advised that this bizarre character - who has some relationship with the white supremacist site VNN and has press "credentials" from the same - takes perverse pleasure in harassing people, and his presence in Toledo on Saturday will be just one more element of instability in the metaphorical mix.


Anonymous said...

You are just jealous because Cobb hands you your ass on a platter evrey time

historymike said...

How, pray tell, has Mr. Cobb handed me my ass on a platter?

I have never met him or debated him.

Or are you making the mistake of assuming that I am part of some conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

We know you Jew boy you don't fool anyone.

M A F said...


If Mr Cobb possess the intellect of your anonymous visitor you could easy defeat him in a debate with half your brain tied behind your back.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Have you noticed Cobb never has the guts to do this with real antifa who would smash his camera in a moment and he always does it with the cops right with him.

BrianMaxson said...

I was just going to say it looks like Cobb has had his share of "stick time".

I hope he does something stupid enough to warrant him being tazered.

historymike said...

Anonymous # 14678: "Jew boy?" I assume that's supposed to offend me, but it is too funny to take seriously. Actually, I am a Christian, but I might want to convert. If the Nazis hate Jews so much there must be something to this faith.

Mac: There are definitely some knuckle-dragging, first-generation-walking-upright morons in the various white power movements, to be sure. But there are also some extremely intelligent people pushing this racist agenda, so we have to be careful.

Harry: I wondered about that; if Cobb picked the wrong person in a moment of frustration, he might get on the receiving end of a serious smackdown. Perhaps he is cagey enough only to pick on easy targets, such as 17-year old girls, female photographers, and on-duty officers like he did in Kingston.

Brian: LMAO. As usual, your acerbic wit gave me the morning's best guffaw.

Do said...

There's lots of info in cyberspace about Craig Cobb. So far none of it is encouraging. :(

This is one seriously disturbed individual who, like most cowards, will only confront those that he is pretty sure won't oppose him. And even then he does it in controlled environments with plenty of police protection. Kind of like a wife beater, picks on someone that can't/won't fight back. Now THAT's a REAL man....(sarcasm here, kids!)

Brian - I think you're on to something with the reference to Mr. Cobb's "stick time" tenure. Too many hits to the head must be the explanation for his erratic, irrational, and provocatory behavior. When I lived in the south his type of demeanor would have been described as "thick as a post and rotten in the middle."

Also, for all those that post as 'anonymous' when they spew their attacks at Historymike - grow up and get some stones. Your attempts at discrediting Mike are comical.

And Mike - Cobb gets in the face of police officers because he knows as long as they are on duty/detail they have to stay focused. Of course, there is always those small statutes regarding interfering, hindering, inciting, intimidation, and even stalking.

Remember - vest up! head down! man on point! ;)

historymike said...

Agreed, Do.

Cobb seems like a gutless bully who preys upon people he thinks he can intimidate.

I am amazed that he has not yet screwed up and made a bad decision about who to harass.

Do said...

Amen, Mike! BUT - it ain't over till the fat lady sings!

(Or in PC speak - it ain't over till the morbidly obese female sings)

Cobb is gutless - but in some ways that makes him even more dangerous. Most people that fall into that category will feel pressured into performance just to prove a point. When pressure is what drives an act, the act is seldom one that has any logic or thought attached to it. It's purely REaction.

I have to chuckle when my mind draws a picture of a 'roundtable' discussion with Bill White (brooding collegiate type), Jeff Schoep (para-military with his high and tight), and Craig Cobb (having taken fashion advice from sewer trolls). Just seems like such an UNlikely alliance...except for White being the 'level headed' one, Schoep being the 'flame thrower' and Cobb being the 'diversion' that allows the other two to continue to function.

Whether the 'rally' is a bust or not will be irrelevant at this point. The greater lesson taken from all this is that there is ALWAYS some group that is wanting of attention. How much attention and to what degree credibility is bestowed is the key factor in control.

I heard that Gibraltar Trade Center is having one heck of a sale this weekend! For those of us that haven't finished Christmas (yep! CHRISTMAS) shopping I might suggest a ride up to Taylor instead of freezing your butts off to watch a pitiful group of losers.

BrianMaxson said...

The only true way to deter this clown is all the police carry Right Guard spray, Dippity-Do and some Tic-Tacs.

I was watching the weather and boy, it's COLD up there.

I don't take those Nazi's seriously, they failed in WW2 and they've failed in the 21st Century.
Just look at their education! :}

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does this whack job look like Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong?

BrianMaxson said...

Tommy Chong dosen't look like he fell out of an "ugly tree", hitting each branch on his way down.

historymike said...

LMAO at Brian.

Too rich. I will have to pass that along to my kid; he loves that sort of verbal slam.

M A F said...


I agree totally. There are intelligent individuals pushing their stuperior logic. But their intellect is often compromised (in my opinion) by the knuckle draggers who make up the majority of their group.

Anonymous said...

Craig Cobb is great! He's for his people!

He's principled. You're just a douchebag!


Anonymous said...

This douche Craig Cobb has started his own White supremist version of you tube - Google his name you'll find it. It's set up in Russia according to wikipedia.

If only I had the skills to hack the shit out of that site. I can't believe Google even indexes it...

Julian Curtis Lee said...

Craig Cobb is a big time LOSER. Word is he's a homeless drug addict..
Typical White supremecists TRASH...