Dec 4, 2005

Stay Away - An Editorial

Left: historymike's most fervent wish is a foot of snow next Saturday

(Toledo, OH) Just so people are clear on my personal stand on the return of the NSM, I purposely titled this short missive in such a way as to be clear to even the densest reader.

My apologies in advance to any dense readers.

After standing in the middle of the violence that occurred in North Toledo on October 15, I see nothing to be gained from Toledoans showing up en masse to watch the latest Bill White Traveling Road Show. The more people who show up, the more difficulty the police will have in controlling the situation.

There are plenty of people who will not heed this advice, and I appreciate your desire to speak out against the philosophies of the various white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and other pro-white groups who will converge at One Government Center next weekend.

For those who show up: keep it legal.

For those who wish to engage in extra-legal measures: better have a good lawyer. Felonies will be handed out in rapid fashion to anyone who dances on or around the line of legality.

For those with violence in your minds: may God have mercy on your souls, because there certainly will be none to be found in the municipal court system or the court of public opinion.


Michael Brooks
Toledo, OH


Mrs. Phoenix said...

That was my family's plan for the FIRST one; it will be our plan for the SECOND (and hopefully final) one.

If another one is planned, hopefully Toledo's Mayor will follow the example of Detroit's Mayor by NOT OFFERING police protection! MrsPhoenix

Mr. Schwartz said...

You know something Mike. I've been following these nazis for years now and this rally doesn't seem to have much steam behind it compared to others including Little Hal's rally in Kingston.

I think this is going to be a non-event just like their Yorktown rally. Bill White hasn't even mentioned if he is actually going to come or not.

Mrs Phoenix,
They do have to offer protection or risk a major, major lawsuit by almost everyone. Like it or not, the NSM does deserve police protection just like everyone else even though I personally wish they wouldn't protect them at all.


historymike said...

Agreed, Harry. The $336,000 spent by local governments on October 15 would pale next to the multi-million dollar lawsuits if a few NSM members got their butts kicked by angry protesters and TPD did not offer them protection.

TPD has a legal responsibility to maintain the peace. They can no more ignore the brouhaha expected next Saturday than they could any other announced gathering of people.Whenever there is a large crowd, even at a peaceful event like the Thanksgiving parade, there will be lots of cops.

I hope you are right about the NSM and their fellow travelers, Harry. My gut instinct is that there will be more bodies on both sides, but that TPD and other law enforcement agencies have a better logistical situation than on October 15.

Of course, all bets are off if the gangs and gang-wannabes show up, as they will add a few hundred more people to the crowd of protesters.

Mr. Schwartz said...

I can't say for sure how many will show but the NSM's big annual rally in Yorktown, Virginia drew about 50 nazis. I would bet that many show up on the side of the nazis this time.

Of course, there will be 100s of antifa protestors, 100s of press, many 100s of cops. Since it's on government property, the protestors will be kept almost out of sight of the nazis.

It will get plenty of coverage but I don't think it's going to breakdown into rioting this time. Hopefully the citizens of Toledo will learn from what Kingston did to Hal turner's rally, pretty much neutralizing it from becoming anything.

type A said...

Any neo-Nazis that come here will once again be wasting their gas money. Their planned event will not be allowed to happen. That is a promise.

Mr. Schwartz said...

I suspect that type A is a nazi just trying to pretend to be an violent antifa.

It's a common strategy of Bill White to post as radical antifa.

historymike said...

Hard to say, Harry. My email box and blog are seeing a lot of unfamiliar characters.

We'll find out in six days.

Lisa Renee said...

(Lisa hums...let it snow, let it snow...)


Hooda Thunkit said...

Well we can safely assume that the locals wishing to "settle the score" will be abundant despite any attempts to reason with them.

So, I too, will be humming:
Let it snow,
Let it snow,
Let it snow...

Oh yes, and praying for a nice, steady 35 mi./hr. breeze ;-)

Mr. Schwartz said...

Well History Mike,

I've been following Bill White for years. One of his tactics is to send out dozens of emails under bogus names pretending to be violent antifa just to stir up shit. Bill White will even send out information about other white racist like Michael Blevins just to try to start trouble.

Toledo should treat this rally just like Yorktown and Kingston treated theirs and both turned out to be non-events.

Have you noticed something? I haven't not heard any word that Bill White is actually coming to Toledo this time. Be interesting if he no shows.

Nikki said...

Actually Harry, I'm wondering if he didn't get his feathers clipped a little since people have been referring to White as the NSM leader. Jeff Schoep just may have a few issues with that.

Lloyd said...

Weather is looking good huh Mike...