Dec 29, 2005

Thaw And Rain Lead To Flood Warnings

Left: The normally docile Ten Mile Creek is a raging torrent in downtown Sylvania; photos by historymike.

(Toledo, OH) Heavy rains and rapid snow melt have contributed to the issuance of flood warnings for most of Northwest Ohio, including Fulton, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, and Wood counties.

Flood stage on the Maumee River occurs at 15 feet; the National Weather Service projects that the Maumee will crest at 17.4 feet tomorrow morning.

Ten Mile Creek, which later becomes the Ottawa River, is currently overflowing its banks in Sylvania. Parking lots along Monroe Street will soon be filled with water.

Native Toledoans, of course, know that the area is built upon the remnants of the Great Black Swamp, largely drained in the nineteenth century. It does not take much rain to remind residents of Northwest Ohio that the Swamp only needs a few inches of precipitation to reclaim its turf.

Addendum, 5:00 PM:

The Ottawa River has already begun to overflow its banks; this photo was taken near Bancroft Street where there is a considerable flood plain. Homes near the Ottawa generally are safe due to the extensive parkland nearby, but there will likely not be any golfing at Toledo's Ottawa Park any time soon.

This small creek near my house usually trickles along at a depth of a few inches, but today is over four feet deep. Recent drainage improvements by the city reduced the likelihood of flooding in the area; such unglamorous works projects are an oft-ignored legacy of Jack Ford's term as mayor.

The aforementioned project is also supposed to prevent flooding on Douglas Road, which used to flood at every heavy rain. We shall see if this is the case in today's and subsequent flooding conditions.


Anonymous said...

I live near Grand Rapids; we always get the floods first!


historymike said...

I just took a walk past the little creek that runs near my house, and it has risen at least 4 feet.

I have never seen water levels so high at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Mighty high on the Portage right now, too!

valbee said...

So far, the river hasn't gotten too high at UT. Last year it was just beneath the footbridge that leads over to the tennis courts from Carlson Library. It's still got a ways to go before it gets to that point.

And the basement at Carlson hasn't started flooding. Yet....

Anonymous said...

Why you lil whippersnappers! I kin member'back in 90 I think it was when the ol' 10 mile crick flooded flooded the East garage at TU.

Anonymous said...

nice pics mike

Lisa Renee said...

Despite our L Arking at Toledo Talk? Very awesome pictures Mike.

I like to drive down to the river and watch the floods. Yes, it sounds strange but I think it's from growing up with my grandparents having a cottage near Grand Rapids that met floodwaters often. I'll never forget the year that the ice came up on to River Road on the Maumee side to the point where some of the ice flow chunks were taller than my son. The awesome power of nature never ceases to amaze me.


Mr. Schwartz said...

I thought you guys got ice this time of year!!

I know floods are bad but I've seen the Potomac River flood around Harper's Ferry, WV and it is simply amazing to see the power of nature in action.

liberal_dem said...

I suppose that, as we now live in what was called the Great Black Swamp, one ought to expect a bit of water drainage problems from time to time.

Mother nature would like to reclaim her former marvelous bog.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"such unglamorous works projects are an oft-ignored legacy of Jack Ford's term as mayor."

As I recall that project has been in the works for many years, maybe even predating Carty's first reign.

JFo (to his credit) did NOT get in the way...