Dec 7, 2005

Toledo Trade Unionists, Activists Plan Alternative Protest; "Type A Collective" Issues New Communique

Left: Protesters at the October 15 rally moments before violence; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) Members of Toledo trade unions and progressive activists who have not joined the TUAR (Toledo United Against Racism) announced their intention to form an "alternative" protest against the arrival of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) on Saturday December 10.

The loose coalition of allied activists is urging citizens unhappy with police plans to create an enclosed zone for anti-Nazi protesters to gather instead at local library branches.

"The police have left us no other choice," said a spokesperson for the group. "People who want to stand up against the racist ideology of the Nazis either have to get herded into a cage, or they can join us for an alternative protest."

The spokesperson declined to name affiliated organizations, and would only indicate that some members of the group will create an "alternative media spectacle."

In related news, members of the heretofore unknown anti-Nazi group "type A collective" issued a new communique. I am again publishing it without commentary:

Thank you for, as promised, presenting our communique in a purely objective fashion. Your integrity as a journalist is appreciated.

With regard to our intention with the letter to Mayor Ford, it was hoped that we could reason with him. In all fairness we were simply hoping that he would keep his word to prevent the NSM from returning.

And, while we can certainly understand how some of our language may have been construed as threatening, in actuality we were genuinely showing concern for what might happen if this rally is allowed to proceed as planned. With or without our intervention, I think it should be clear after last time that the possible outcome is beyond the control of any one group or person, including us. Contrary to the
opinions of some, we don't want to see innocent people hurt or the property of innocent people damaged.

That being said, it is important for people to be out in the streets that day to oppose these racists. To say that it is harmless to let them hold their rally unopposed is to make the mistake of believing that there are not those prone to being persuaded by their message. Racism is alive and well in the world today, and people who for some reason believe that we are past the point where these groups present a threat are dangerously mistaken.

Let us also not be mistaken as somehow trying to prevent free speech. Free speech, even in a legal sense, arguably ends with purposely inciting violence (in this case against minorities) and promoting genocide. So, even legally, these people are beyond their rights. In addition, we would welcome them to come here without the police protection that they are not required to get but are granted anyway. People have the right to say whatever they want, those listening have a right to defend themselves from the potential consequences.

Its easy for those who have never been assaulted by police for standing on their own lawn, or been to the funeral of a relative killed by police for being black to say that the police are "just doing their job". Certainly, some of them are. But there are also those who are very supportive, if not merely receptive, to racist groups. We should not condone these attitudes and behavior with our apathy.

type A collective

Addendum: An email I received from a spokesperson from the "alternative" anti-Nazi protest indicates that some of the TUAR groups may be defecting to the counter-counter rally (Yes, this is getting confusing, but there appear to be a ton of people showing up on Saturday). The email said that members of "RWL, NROC , WWP and other groups have signed on" to the unnnamed alternate coalition that will be meeting at local library branches at 12:00 noon on Saturday.


Newsandseduction said...

interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

fucking anti-racist losers

historymike said...

THERE"S an intelligent, well-developed thought, anonymous.

Bravo! You are a credit to your mother, as I am sure she is proud of your fine comportment.

Unwilling Participant said...

When I saw the first rally and riot on television, and did some reading as to why the nazis were there and what they were doing, I must admit, a part of me thought it was kind of cool. Not that riots broke out, but that whites were standing up for themselves. And I do believe that's what these nazi groups sincerely think they're doing. They see a neighborhood where black gangs are intimidating white residents. And they've seen time and time again where the white man simply lets it go, because he doesn't want to cause trouble. A part of me can really understand that, because I've seen it happen many times.

However, after some further thinking, here are some observations I have.

1. If this was just some rational group trying to stick up for whites who were being pushed around, that almost might be okay. But these NSM guys aren't just your average joe, who just happen to want to stick up for people out of the goodness of their heart. They have some seriously outrageous beliefs at their core. I have listened to a lot of their interviews and at first what might seem entertaining turns to downright scary.

2. There just may be a race problem in the states. But I can assure you things like this are NOT the solution. Do these groups not think of all the consequences of their actions? Have they even thought of exactly what goals they want acheived and thought if their actions today are the right ones to acheive those goals?

Do they think the black gang members will just sit back and say "oh..hmmmm I guess these white guys sure are tough..ok ok ok..I'll be good"?

No, it's human nature that if you're attacked, whether it's physical or not, the tendancy is to push back. This very well could escalate into something very ugly.

It became very real for me how dangerous these groups are when I heard one of them say in an interview that they may do a demonstration in my city. That's when it really hit me. We don't need any kinda crap like that here. It does not help Anything.

Holding rallys may be fun and all, and really make you feel like you're doing something, but all you're doing is creating an "us vs. them" mentality than will only lead to disaster.

Ok im done rambling

ajax saith said...

to historymike:

i am just curious and you probably have been asked this type of question before: what if the nazis arrived in town and were entirely peaceful perfectly observant of all local laws, gathered to the rally point and their leader gave a passionate speech void of any hate simply calling for the sleeping white race nation people to awake from their slumber and rediscover their great heritage within western civilization and called for a woodstock like gathering of the white race nation tribes to rekindle a renaissance

now imagine if all of the nazihaters gathered together as one to oppose the nazi rally hearing this speech went berzerk and rioted throughout the town burning and rampaging from one end to the other causing millions in damage

after the nazis left and calm was restored when time came to report on the rally and its effects where do you suppose blame for the riot destruction would fall?

BrianMaxson said...

Man, and all this time I was under the impression that Toledoans were asked to stay away from this non-event, yet as each day passes and December 10th gets closer, I'm seeing more and more people obligating themselves to this "display of ignorance".

Why not, on December 10th, instead of providing a forum for this pathetic gathering of losers, freaks and idiots, try helping a neighbor. Use December 10th as a way to share in the Christmas Spirit and help a neighbor put up a tree, hang lights, tear down a garage, rebuild a transmission, drink their beer, organize their shoe closet, anything for that one day just to show, as Toledoans, we have better things to do than stand in the cold snow, waiting for a fight.

Do said...


I'm wondering if these 'people' have mothers. But more than that I wonder if they really EAT with those mouths.


All I can say is - BINGO!


Excellent idea! I've said it all along, but in all honesty when a small group of 100 want to cause unrest, the 4,000 that stay home and work on their homes won't be acknowledged. Bad press sells and gets ratings. (The #s cited are just for illustration and in no way are intended accurate)

I'm trying to figure out how Toledo got to this point. Tom Szych and his little run-in with local authorities certainly was not important enough to cause this kind of reaction.

If the anti's want to make a point, might I suggest that they stay home and teach their ideals to their families, friends, neighbors, etc. Over time that will spread in a much more peaceful way.

historymike said...

We got to this point because the NSM did a little demographic analysis of communities and recognized that Toledo is their kind of town.

Then they took a small neighborhood disturbance and used it as justification for their actions.

In short, we have been targeted, played, and duped.

Getting out of this ugliness will be the tougher challenge. NSM will likely keep coming back until there is no more PR value in it for them.

Anonymous said...

how much is the antifa paying you to be their mouthpiece?

historymike said...


You are an idiot. You obviously have not been reading the blog for very long.

I write what gets sent to me that people in my area want to know. If you, or any other racist activist, wants to forward your plans, I'll be happy to print them.

And let me add - the racist right is a helluva lot better funded than the anti-racists. If I was going to whore myself out, it would be with a group that actually has money.

Mr. Schwartz said...


Good news. They are now calling for even colder weather. Around 24 at the start of the rally w 20-30mph winds making the wind chill below zero.

Like I said, I hope the cops make the nazi's wait outside and delay them by an hour.

Wouldn't surprise me now if only a dozen nazis show up.

Anonymous said...

Part of me really hopes the Nazis just don't show; part of me however, hopes they do waste the time and money to come here, because no way in hell are they getting to have their rally.

Why they would even want to come and play second fiddle to the much larger counter demo baffles me anyway.

Seriously guys, go somewhere where you can actually draw a crowd of your own.

Anonymous said...


Hooda Thunkit said...

It will be interesting to see the numbers for each of the "teams" playing:

1. nazis

2. Police, Sheriffs, OSP/Highway Patrol, Fire/EMS, Other public safety support.

3. Media (History Mike and the HM wannnabes (a.k.a. MSM).

4. Protesters, protester wannabes, all other flavors of antis.

5. police/attack dogs, mounts (as in mounted patrols.

6. Other unaffiliated gawkers.

7. Undercover police elements (Federal, State & Local.

8. The street vendors (souvenirs, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, etc.

Did I leave anybody out?

historymike said...

Good synopsis, Hooda.

Local gangs could be included in the "unaffiliated Gawkers" you described, although some may have their own agenda.

"Snowball makers" could be another group; I suspect that more than a few Nazis are going to get pelted with some of the 3" - 6" that's supposed to fall over the next 48 hours.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Hal Turner just announced on his show he can't come to the rally unless he gets some money and Bill White, Jeff Schoep, nor Vonbluvens has said they are positively coming now.

Have you also noticed the lack of real news stories involving Bill White on this rally vs the number of new stories on Bill White on the last one?

This is fizzling out folks. With the cold weather, I'll bet you won't get more than a dozen nazis. I hope the cops make them freeze their asses off. Even in good weather, it would be 50 tops.

Mr. Schwartz said...


You don't suppose some of those snowballs would be yellow in color would they?

LOL - joking of course.

Anonymous said...

Now the Nazis have attracted Communists like shit attracts shit-flies. God help us!

Me, Myself, and I

historymike said...

Harry: I wouldn't be surprised, although you won't catch me throwing one!

MemyselfandI: The hatred between these two groups is very old, and it is almost like a religious crusade for socialists, communists, and anarchists to want to confront the Nazis. They see the Nazis as a sort of vigilante police force employed by the state and corporate elites to repress the working class.

I am not being facetious here; there is a certain logic to the theory if you accept the Marxist analysis.

As for me? I am still trying to figure it all out. I just know that bad things happen to my community when these groups show up, and as long as I can read and write I will work to keep the light shining on them.