Dec 10, 2005

Turnout: 35-40 Nazis, 80-90 Antis

Left: View from the protest area; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) NSM was late arriving for their rally. The sound quality was terrible; so far Bill White, Cliff Herrington, and two speakers whose names I could not hear have been onstage.

There are perhaps 40 people up in the Nazi area, which is about 100 yards from the protesters. There are a little less than 100 protesters; I am taking out of the equation the undercover police and media who are making the antifa look larger.

First place in turnout goes to the police; there must be between 300 and 400 from what I have seen. Second place goes to the media, as I estimate at least 100 members of the press here.

Police are not hesitating to make arrests, both in the crowd and outside the parade area. I just received a call from some protesters who were arrested outside the main branch of the public library; they were making a cell phone call when police came up to them and detained them for violating the temporary restraining order.

I would estimate that two dozen protesters have already been arrested, based upon the phone calls I have been getting.


Anonymous said...

The number of NSM in protest area is 75. An untold number was misdirected.

Anonymous said...

The spin begins

Anonymous said...

NIM Busters reports 31, with blown up photo as proof, you count them

Nikki said...

The number of particpants in the rally area as captured by the webcam shot did not exceed 40. The really great thing about all of this, in my opinion, is that no one heard them. They ended up talking to themselves.

The audio system that they had, true to form for the NSM, was pitiful and they were kept far enough away and totally isolated so that their message of hate reached no one other than their own people. And that is a very good thing.

You are the spin begins. Can't wait to hear that.

Nikki said...

I made it as 37 - at any rate, there were not the 70-75 as has been stated.

Of course, as far as the spin is concerned - that started early. White was saying that scores of "supporters" had been misdirected. Interesting how that happens, huh?

Anonymous said...

It must really be frustrating for Antifa right now. All of their plans to create mayhem was crushed today.

Do said...

After listening to Vonbluvens show I have to laugh. He, Bill White, and Hal Turner are in need of serious psychiatric assistance. They wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and smacked them in the chops.

So far, so good from what I can hear on the scanner. Some arrests, but nothing critical. At least nothing that is being broadcast.

As the Christmas carol says - Let there be peace on earth...

Anonymous said...

You seem obsessed with Von and Bill, Nikki.

Nikki said...

Oh! I am! Absolutely and positively obsessed with them and their insipid stupidity!

willow said...

well my guess is that is Von who is posting about the obbsession Nikki has, after all, he has been hawking this site all day!

ajax saith said...

come on you ant-nazis burn down your city of toledo to protest the non-violent assembly of nazis

show to the world you black gangfilth who society should be really concerned with, if you "burn baby burn" toledo you will have your violent fun and get at the white power structure that enslaves you, and best of all when the dust settles all of the judgment guilt will fall upon the peacefully assembled nazis certainly not on the cherished black gang darlings

Anonymous said...

ajax the people who burn buildings are not filth, they are arsonist filth are the ones who burn people like the nazis did

Nikki said...

ajax - you're smarter than that.

Mr. Schwartz said...

Like I said, this rally was going to fizzle down to no more than 50 nazis. There just wasn't that much excitement about it. And just like I thought, it was no big deal and they wouldn't be able to be heard outside their own area.

Kudos to the citizens of Toledo.

liberal_dem said...

Looks like the outdoors dress-up costume party was a flop. No talent, no taste, no brains and, to top off this misadventure, no sound.

It was like watching an old Keystone Cops flick sans music.

A high school band or two would have added to the aesthetics.

What a waste of time. Get the hook!

ajax saith said...

to historymike:

come on where is the violence? where is the riot? where are the burning buildings and the liquor store looting?

what a disappointment in truth this is what you have been hoping and yearning for so you would be able to hate peacefully assembled nazis and their little road show rally field trip

i myself was really hoping to see some real serious action, because i would be able to observe once again the displaced responsibility and hypocrisy of the lefties and the excusing of their own bad behavior

ajax saith said...

maybe if the nazi troupe dressed themselves in brooks brother suits and carried briefcases with a single swastika armband marching in slow cadence like the french foreign legion remaining perfectly silent and then with precsion timing stood at attention to deliver one sngle uniform sieg heil and then went on their way, maybe then would historymike's news coverage be a little more kind toward them?

Mr. Schwartz said...

Not a single member of the general public was able to hear their message.

Don't ya just love freedom of speech, while they have the right to freedom of speech, that doesn't mean they have the freedom to make people hear it.

And just like I said days ago, not only was this going to fizzle down, but the false spin about cops keeping away dozens of nazis has begun. All as expected.

They only talked to themselves today. Nice going Toledo.

historymike said...

ajax, you are confused.

YOU are the person hoping for violence, not me. I have repeatedly advocated peace, and wrote an editorial urging people to stay away.

I am delighted that Toledoans did not take the bait and react violently to the idiocy spouted today.

Of course, since the sound system was a joke, no one could hear the Nazis anyway.

And, pray tell, why should my coverage be "kind to them [Nazis]?" I report what I see, and I don't sugarcoat it so one side feels better.

I would think that you would be happy that I reported 80-90 antis instead of the 100-150 other outlets reported. I took the time to subtract the undercover police and media who made the protest crowd look bigger.

Ajax won't be happy unless I do a few sieg heils, which ain't ever gonna happen, fella.

ajax saith said...

to historymike:

what if a nazi rally called for nazi peace would you not see (wonder if you got the pun) their good honorable intentions

a world with the whiteman in world government control overseeing the earth's activities reigning over all with the kind of civil orderliness and intelligent rulership the glory of the white nation tribes have shown themselves to be and history have born them witness to

prosperity and peace, technological innovation and labor saving comfort these are the hallmarks of what the whiteman has given to all through their genius and industriousness

consider china the rapidly rising steroidic monster panda ever growing in prominence inspiring fear and wonder to all the world, only through the adoption of capitalist practices and free thinking creative entrapreneuralism could this baby work its magic, free its people to rise to their inborn potential and have great wealth heaped upon itself

wallowing in misery for a generation as they stumbled and bumbled their way down the red brick road to the ficticious land of communist opiatic fantasyville they very wisely welcomed pres. nixon in 1972 and the slow turn-around began for them

it began for them after they met a whiteman leader of the greatest white nation economic prosperity engine the world has ever known, the chinese ever wise and endlessly paitent decided to open their once self-censored eyes and took a good hard look on the capitalist nations (white nation tribes) and discovered the golden goose (capitalism-free enterprise) and the golden goose's harvest field (american consumer) and the rest is history......

notice they did not take inspiration from any black ruled african nation or any mexican type country, no, they looked their enemy (united states) right in the eye and saw they (china) were the one losing the war and decided to humble themselves and take up the winner's tools and work the field plowing that engine to prosperity

all because of the phenomenal story of the rise to greatness and world dominance that is the 500 year history of the white race nation tribes, a story that is becoming extinct as the white race is forced to obscurity and shoved out of the way to make the paths straight for the third(turd)world nation people and their needless and retarded cultures

Elmer Frazier said...

Just like Schwartzo said, "Toledo did good today" They spent $300,000 that won't be spent on Nigger Welfare causes.

Spending My Days Bitch Slapping Harry Schwartzo's KIKE Ass All Over The Net

Anonymous said...

Elmer, speaking of Welfare causes are you, Schoep and Blevins still on the public assistance roles

Anonymous said...

ajax, we have already seen what the white man could do under Nazi leadership in WWII.

On this day in history in 1941 Hitler declared war on the USA.

In memory of the 291,557 killed & 670,846 wounded Americans who fought tyranny in WWII

ajax saith said...

to anon:

yes it was a great trajedy that nazi germany had the affliction of myopiatic paralysis to declare war on the united states (a pact they signed with imperial japan binded them to do this) i am certain the entire nazi leadership felt their doom was certain and inevitable the day this declaration was made

and yes indeed we have seen and continue to see (through still images and documentary footage and personal witness accounts) what the whiteman could do under nazi leadership, to build up a unified white race nation free of the parasite jew, invigorated, energized, euphoric full of hope mighty and fearful to bestow, a mega-colossus unable to be restrained from the desire for empire, unleashed to break forth conquering and to conquer

on the other side of the globe another predominately white nation (before the multi-culti poison infection plague), the united states rising up to build its war machine, another great megalithic dynamo clashing with its german brother who was now surrounded, doomed to death facing a 2 front war

white people at war, no blacks in sight (except to serve in menial positions) russians and slavics who have traces of white blood in them joining in, and in the asiatic hemisphere japan (non white blood) and their inevitable loss to the white nation united states

as far as your memory of so many americans killed you can think of them as sacrificial lambs offered upon the altar of war as a prayer sacrifice to appeal to the war gods that they might gain the victory, but don't blame nazi germany for having them killed even if germany made the war a declaration the united states was not obligated to join the battle, they could have rightly seen the german struggle and avoided bloodshed by agreeing with nazi germany's agenda, the same for great britain as hitler admired the british and had no natural animosity toward them since they were a nation of aryan stock

Anonymous said...

" if germany made the war a declaration the united states was not obligated to join the battle, they could have rightly seen the german struggle and avoided bloodshed by agreeing with nazi germany's agenda"

Yea right......

Americans love their constitution and enjoy the freedoms it has unlike the Nazi state.

Americans enjoy democracy unlike Hitler and the Nazi state.

Americans also enjoy free thinking without fear of reprisals, unlike the Nazi state.

Who in the hell wants to be a prisoner in their own country........not me

Anonymous said...

Go to the source for information

Anonymous said...

That would be "the source of propaganda," to be more accurate.

White is now claiming that there were 70 NSM members. He must be cross-eyed, because I only count 32 in the photo.

Dariush said...

I love how "Russians and Slavics(sic)" "have traces of white blood in them" -- the implication being that they are clearly of subhuman stock. Himmler would be proud.

Does anyone else notice how so many of the racial theories propogated by prominent German, English and American theoreticians of the 19th and early 20th centuries are nothing more than an attempt to lend scientific credence to the popular national chauvinism of the day.

It's almost as though the very day that the Irish decided they wouldn't the bend the knee in supplication to some inbred limey sitting on a throne in London, and the very day that Nevsky led the Rus in defeating the Teutonic invaders at Pskov, they became "non-Aryans" and "subhumans."

Seriously, you guys should try to hunt down some of the works of Lothrop Stoddard, Madison Grant and the like. They were the Daniel Pipes'es and Ann Coulters of their day.

ajax saith said...

white race nation tribes have fought among themselves for centuries, this is not different from the asian races and the african race nation tribes they had numerous wars amongst themselves as well

the racedead white drones absolve themselves of their racial identity and dismiss the notion of race as an identifier among themselves obediently following the path to white race extermination