Dec 10, 2005

Waiting To See What Happens

Left: Concrete barricades on Erie Street

I will keep updating as things happen downtown. I am hearing a lot of chatter about antifa and Nazi activities that may or may not be happening.

There are going to be some ugly things happening. Here's a quote from a knowledgeable antifa source:

"Certain interesting people have been identified, and they are about to be given a welcome party from angry Toledoans."

More as it comes in...hold on to your hats.


Andrew said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Mike, we're all hoping for peace... especially those of us who live downtown.

willow said...

Mike, you stay safe out there.

historymike said...

I avoid trouble at all costs, Tony. Ijust need to worry about frostbite.

tomknitz said...

hay mike tom here just saying be careful and stay low

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Looking at ABC13's webcam, there's barely anybody around, and the rally is halfway over (ends at 4pm, or so I've been told)! It looks like Toledo learned its lesson. MrsPhoenix

ajax saith said...

katy bar the door the nazis have come to town to rape your women and eat your children

Mrs. Phoenix said...


ajax saith said...

to historymike:

i like those concrete barriers resting in the middle of the street there, they are memorials to the day representatives (nazis) of the white race nation tribe people assembled themselves and proudly proclaimed to all their superior race and culture and thus committed the cardinal sin of white self adulation

the 'road closed' sign represents how whites are now socially prohibitted from exercising their race identification the way every other non-white race is permitted to do

and to you 'mrs. phoenix' i rename thee 'miss says phoney nix' because you say 'no' to white nationalists and your 'no' or 'nix' is an illegitimate and unworthy judgment and therefore it is 'phoney' and meaningless, get thee back to thy ghetto gutter where you were born and belong

Hooda Thunkit said...

Hey Ajax,

What a load of horse manure.

You been spending way too much time behind the mounted patrol's horse's exhaust pipes for your own good...

ajax saith said...

to hooda thunkit:

tell me hooda do you reside in the 'hood'? and what do you 'thunk'? i picure you as one wearing a hooded sweater roaming the local where you have your 'crib' looking for saps to apply a good 'thunking' to across the back of the head

that horse manure will do you some good, i suggest you grab some and wash your face with it and don't forget to put plenty in your ears

Hooda Thunkit said...

Not even close Ajax

You amuse me!