Dec 6, 2005

White's Overinflated Sense Of Self-Importance

Left: NSM's Bill White; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) I have read a lot of things on Bill White's website that made me chuckle in the two months since I became aware of it. His stock in trade, of course, is to print the most outrageous statements that he can conjure up, with the net result that he gets publicity. He is a master at promoting himself and his cause, and getting media geeks like me to write about him.

A pair of articles on his website today, though, stretch even White's expansive boundaries of truth, and demonstrate just how narcissistic the man is.

White considers the potential replacement of Police Chief Mike Navarre as evidence that the city is caving in to "a major demand" of the NSM, and implies that mayor-elect Carty Finkbeiner is somehow bowing to the wishes of the Nazis. He also repeats the lie that his failed NSM rally in October (and subsequent rioting) was the cause of Jack Ford being voted out, ignoring the fact that Ford trailed in the polls from the day that Carty Finkbeiner announced his return.


What White fails to realize - and can't, because he is sitting at his desk in Roanoke scouring the Internet for news to mangle - is that the replacement of Navarre (assuming it does, indeed, occur) is political in nature. Navarre supported outgoing mayor Jack Ford, while the TPPA (Toledo Police Patrolman's Association) and the command officers' union threw their support to Carty Finkbeiner.

Captain Jack Smith is highly respected by many in the force, and the transition from Navarre to Smith should be relatively seamless. However, don't think for a moment that Carty made this selection without the blessing of the two unions.

The idea that city officials pay much attention to the bluster and "demands" of marginal characters like Bill White is laughable, except when he comes to Toledo to stir up trouble. On those days, they take him very seriously indeed.


ajax saith said...

to historymike:

if it were not for people like you and the other nazihaters i think the nazis that you so love to hate would have no following

most right thinking non-guilt ridden white people do not pay any serious heed to these actors, and it is your crowd that we find just as amusing as the nazi-clowns themselves

the nazis i think feed off the negative attention you give to them, it is this attention that they think indicates they are having a real impact in getting their message across and in gathering in followers

but the one thing they do to the white population that is extremely beneficial is that they serve as a kind of thorn in the flesh to awaken a sleeping white jolly green giant, through their work the vast majority of the sleeping white sheep will dismiss their clownish antics but amongst the white herds here and there some will awaken to their own racial identification and while never agreeing with the nazis will begin a personal racial rebirth in so doing they will dismiss the lies and falsities of racial politics that the multiculture-diversity crowd have instituted

i think this is what you are really worried about ...that some day maybe there will be a 'million whiteman march' of everyday whitemen tired of being abused and spat upon and slandered, having awakened and become strong showing to one and all that the 'great white shark' is still to be respected and is not about to become extinct

historymike said...

I am not worried about a "million white man march," ajax, or the "great white shark" that you idolize.

I am worried that bigoted, intolerant buffoons - of any race or ethnicity - will exacerbate the remnants of the racial divide that once made groups like the KKK seem benign.

This fear that white supremacists have about the white race somehow becoming extinct is odd, and I hear this refrain frequently. If whites are the master race, why do you fear their extinction?

It seems to me a "master race" would win out.

Perhaps what you really fear is that people of any color or ethnicity can succeed, and that the exalted position upon which you place the "white" race is a shaky tower.

I do not pay much attention to "race" unless someone points it out to me. Instead of some form of brainwashing, as the racist right likes to spin it, I recognize that no ethnic group has a monopoly on talent. In adition, I argue that every person on the planet has an equal right to access to its resources.

We do agree on one thing, ajax - neo-Nazi groups like the NSM are a joke. The real danger is not from clowns like Bill White, but the quiet white supremacists who advocate things like the creation of a separate white nation in the Pacific Northwest.

Anonymous said...

You're just a jealous punk-ass wannabe journalist who doesn't know shit anout shit. White hands you your ass every time your pathetic little mind tries to debate him. You are the most worthless piece of Jew shit to ever come out of someone's ass. I hope you get hit by a brick from one of the rioting niggers.

Anonymous said...

Its funny, I don't think Mr.White realizes what a joke he is to people in Toledo. I mean, they wear funny little costumes and yell a lot. And they try to look sooooo serious, all red faced wtih spit flying out of their mouths.

But if coming up here makes them feel like they have some meaning in their lives...

Oh well, odds are good they'll be wasting another trip up here anyway.

antifa said...

Commander of the much feared NSM, Jeff Schoep, is sitting in Minn soaking up the organizations money. Schoep controls the PoBox and the money. He has no problem being "upstaged" by little Billy White. Billy is attracting the attention and the dollars of the racist movement to the NSM PoBox through his antics in Toledo.

Jeff Schoep stands to personally benefit from an increase in attention and money. Like any good true fascist organization the commander is unaccountable to the rest of organization. There is no transparency.

My only question is how and when will Billy White attempt unseat Schoep as the leader of this group of boneheads? Billy seems to have the financial backing to pay for a hit on Schoep or just make him disappear. However knowing Billy he would probably spread some rumors to the effect of having some rival "white" terrorists bump off Schoep. Can't wait to see Billy make his move.

historymike said...

Actually, anonymous #1, I am a "wannabe" historian, as I still have to finish my graduate thesis.

I can't remember a time when Mr. White and I actually debated, unless you count the times when I comment and debunk somthing he has written. Could you show me where Bill and I debated? I just don't recall that.

Anonymous #2: Yes, White and the NSM look like goofballs to most of us, but he can count on a couple of lost souls to join his band of merry Nazis every time he rallies. He might actually develop a working NSM unit at some point, instead of bringing in the SE Michigan NSM and pretending they are locals.

Antifa: I agree that it looks like Bill White is positioning him self for a coup d'etat in the NSM, but it looks like words and rallies are his preferred methods. He usually eschews from the sort of calls to violence that Hal Turner engages in, and seems to prefer discrediting someone than to do something like you have suggested.

Then again, what do I know? I'm just a li' ole writer in a sleepy Rust Belt city far from the big action of places like Roanoke, right?

karen said...

You're just a jealous punk-ass wannabe journalist who doesn't know shit anout shit.

Now this made me laugh!

Keep up the good work, Mike. :)

historymike said...

Thank you, Karen. I suspect that anonymous #1 will be joined by a whole host of happy, like-minded folks the closer we get to December 10.

And then life will (hopefully) return to normal in Toledo.

A Midwest Antifa said...

You are probably correct with your assessment of Bill White positioning himseld for a coup d'etat through "successfully" pulling off publicity stunts (no matter what actually happens Bill White will claim to have scored a victory for the "master" race... apparently the "master" race in all its glory a bunch of ugly fat guys in ill fitting costumes hidding behind hundreds of black cops).

Anonymous said...

More to the point, Mike, is this question: Why would the Nazis "demand" the removal of a police chief that can't seem to handle the town when they bring their rallies to Toledo, and replace him with a MARINE who represents the military machine that kicked the living hell out of White's "heroes" and drove them back to their holes in WWII?

Hooda Thunkit said...

I have concerns as to the timing of this "prematurely forced change of leadership" in the Toledo Police Department by an over-eager "not yet back in power" Mayor (wannabe) elect.

Way to go Carleton, cutting Chief Navarre off at the knees, literally hours before a highly emotionally charged major event.

You just managed to sway any advantage Toledo/Lucas County’s Safety Forces could have had into the hands of the Forces of Divisiveness.

Atta boy Carty...
Way to go Carty
You the man Carty
Um…, Carty? Are you familiar with the expression, “Shit for Brains, as in, Shit for Brains Carty?

(The BAD Carty, the EVIL Carty, a.k.a. the PASSIONATE Carty glares back in Hooda’s direction and cracks a Wickedly EVIL Grin.)

Okay now let’s all do the Carty Chant,

Ready, Fire, Aim,
Ready, Fire, Aim,
Ready, Fire, Aim…

That’s just what we have been waiting for…

He’s Baaaccckkkk!

The BAD Carty,
The EVIL Carty,

Do said...


I just read the entire post on and I am still rolling in the floor! Bill White has got to be one of the most delusional people I have ever had the misfortune to know about.

Carty did NOT (got it, Billy boy?) suggest replacing Navarre in an effort to comply with the 'wishes of the NSM'. I would venture to say that Carty DID do his homework on this and feels that this change will be in the best interest of the city.

Personally, I have been uncomfortable with Chief Navarre's administrative techniques for quite some time - much prior to any NSM pouting sessions. I think he's a nice guy, I'm just not sure he's Chief material. It takes a certain type of chutzpa (sic) to hold that job.

Also...keep up the reporting, Mike. Being a wannabe is SO much better than a nevergonnabe.

Hooda - timing is important in any major decision. This may just inspire the forces that have been feeling rather underappreciated by their own Chief. A safety force that has hope will also have drive. Let's let this play out and see where it goes.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, failing, Rustbelt cities like Toledo are havens for recruitment for guys like the NSM. All the ingredients for success are here.

You have young, economically disaffected black males who have little in life and value respect as the only commodity on which they have to trade. Nazis exploit that by disrespecting them, provoking them into violence, then exploiting the coverage.

In Toledo, you have unemployed white males who might be receptive to the Nazi's message of hate. The Nazi's will tell them, "It's not your fault that you're unemployed. It's the fault of blacks Affirmative Action and the Jews who control the money."

These guys would fall flat in a city like Columbus. I doubt if anybody would pay attention down there where the economy is good.

Me, Myself, and I

historymike said...

Well said, Me,Myself,and I.

Instead of being angry at the failures of our economic system, people turn against those who are different in some way: immigrants, ethnic minorities, gays, or those "dirty liberals."

By the way, I recently heard Rush Limbaugh say this: "The REAL enemy in America are the moderates, because they aid and abet the leftists."

Wow. I used to listen to Limbaugh fairly regularly, but lately his rhetoric is so polarizing that I can't listen anymore. I have to get conservative views from different sources.

ajax saith said...

to historymike:

we white nationalists fear the extinction of our race in the sense of our culture being blotted out of existence being replaced with third world culture as these people invade our heritage homelands and infect and poison our race-culture self identity

this is our great weakness, this is why it is essential that we separate (sanctify) ourselves from the non-white population and breed within ourselves

multiculturalism is the poison of extermination to the white race, the first thing that happens is that the white youth forsake their white heritage and white role models and look to the non-whites for role models and ways to walk and behave in society

notice how the once orderly and disciplined school classromms have become denizens of unruliness and fidgity restless sassy violence prone gang infected breeding grounds

the singular reason for this continental shift in a generation from a once conservative academically superior public school system to a now dumb-downed grade retarded failing system has to do with the infection of liberalism inflicted upon the public school system and society in general and the massive integration of blacks and their culture and the resultant debasing that they bring with them

the only reason non-whites can succeed is by invading and taking over the white nation heritage homes (by the way when i say non-whites 90% of the time i am refering to black and mexican) on their own in their own homelands these blacks and mexicans have proven they are very limited in what they can achieve

the asians on the other hand are a vastly superior race to the blacks and mexican types (i use the term 'mexican types'instead of 'hispanic' to distinguish mexican from cuban and argentine and chilean, those 3 groupings are not mexican and are much superior to mexican) and have more than proven themselves to be the very able challengers to the white race nation tribes

mike, you do not pay attention to race because most whites think of themselves as inddividuals first and nation second and race only when in the presence of non-whites, whites are rugged individuals who champion the work and industry and celebrate the success of the individual man, and when one man joined to another man making links in the chain to build companies

as far as equal access to resources and all people being equal in talent: you are falling into the flawed argument of the socialist who says all for one and one for all equal and sameness in all things

history is not a poker game wherein all the hands have been dealt the same cards (we can think of this as genetic dispositioning), resources are not distributed to the earth's inhabitants like so many food box care packages

resources take work and ingenuity and industry to find and realize their applications, were it not for the great need for oil of western nations and the ability to find that oil and draw it out of the ground from the oil rich middle eastern nations, those nations would have a resource worth nothing

i see you are coming around to my way of thinking regarding the real threat, little attention sideshows from the white extremist troupes are simply exercises in narcist indulgence

people like the late william pierce and george lincoln rockwell are people you should fear the most, these are the ones with the greatest possible influence along with those that may have oratory skill, if and when you begin to see white rams like these make their appearance from among the white sheep then your focal direction will change