Jan 25, 2006

Another Graffiti Mystery


(Toledo, OH) Over the past few months I have seen quite a few of these stenciled James Dean images around town.

They tend to be found on metallic electrical or traffic boxes near street corners; this image is on a traffic box located at the intersection of Secor and Laskey.

So, the question before my astute readers is this: Why are indivduals spray painting this image around town?

Has James Dean become some sort of icon for a political or environmental group?

Your thoughts (and possible solutions) will be greatly appreciated, as my curiosity has reached the impatient stage.

Addendum: babbleman at Toledo Talk made a good argument for this to be an image of Jack Kerouac, the Beat author.


Lloyd said...


You are alot farther along than I. I was trying to figure out who this was lol....

There is one near the library at UT. I figured it was some type of anti-war propoganda. Perhaps they are saying GW is a coyboy????

fucktards brother ralph said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
historymike said...

Sorry, no NIM Busters spam allowed.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Kerouac too, but who are NIM Busters???


Stefan Schmidt said...

vote for Kerouac too, but who are NIM Busters???

A band of vile miscreants. You can find them on this website: http://the-forum.us/nimbusters/

Caution: Bizarre pornography and vile language is the norm on this website.

historymike said...

Better that you just don't know, Petrograde. It's a strange site that is equal parts nuclear flame war, porn posting, and battles between racists and anti-racists.

Plus - a few of them are cyber-stalkers.

historymike said...

Agreed about the NIM board, Stefan.

You are also in the majority as far as Kerouac.

Unknown Fucktard said...

And just what the hell is wrong with vile language and Porn?

...and what's the deal on this Lloyd not TimeLord guy. Man he's just got to be gay....

Lloyd said...

Who's the one with a half-naked picture of a guy on their site????

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Yeah and Hal Turner hung up on me twice during the same show. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

historymike said...

Hey Matt:

Just out of curiosity, why do you call Hal's show?

Stefan Schmidt said...

Who's the one with a half-naked picture of a guy on their site????

I believe his last name is ‘Coleman’. He is a NIM buster, and if you check out his blog you will essentially see all the major posters on that board (Timelord, UF, Woger, Newsguy, Steve, Harry, 999, and Sledgehammer to name a few).

Don’t take his comments seriously, they are all juveniles over there (with a fetish for ‘shemales’ and Steve Holsten).

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Yeah meanwhile Michael Brooks is constantly pimping this blog over there, stirring up shit under "anonymous" proxies and fake names, impostering, and stalking our NIMBoard Goddess Isis, for whom he has become obssessed over.

Stefan Schmidt said...

Oh yes, what ever happened with Isis?

historymike said...

I would advise you to refrain from making such comments about Isis, Matt.

I already have my attorney working on one suit; it's not hard to add other people.

To answer your question, Stefan, it appears that Bill White figured out he was given faulty info when he wrote his article.

I don't speak with Isis or have anything to do with her. She is a good photographer who lives half a continent away, and we have chosen not to work on future projects.

As far as Mr. White, we are in the wait-and-see mode. If he stays away from posting lies, then he has little to worry about; my focus will be on getting a retraction at the moment.

While I am not a regular at the NIM site, I do see that it appears the other posters think it's Matt who has the Isis obsession.

fucktards brother ralph said...

Oh fine! You let my sweet sexy brother post but you remove mine you nancy ninny!

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

The IP numbers don't lie, Brooks, and the Feds are monitoring your every move.

And what's that, you have LLoyd Davies' sister working on your case?


historymike said...

The only "lie" about IP numbers is your own scam with the fake Iceland IP, Todd.

I strongly urge you to knock this off. I have no beef with you, other than when you show up and post defamatory material, but I will have no problem enjoining Mr. Todd Daugherty of Taylorville, IL to any legal action.

Also, be forewarned that repeating defamatory material you heard elsewhere does not get you off the hook, Todd. For a "newsguy" you are surprisingly naive about libel ad slander laws.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Slander these nuts, Mike.

BTW now your pal Vonbluvens is copying and pasting my articles with giving me any credit.

Seems I'll be owning a Florida daycare center soon.


historymike said...

Yes, it is annoying when people steal your work.

However, I have never met Mr. Blevins (aka Vonbluvens), nor do I care to. Take it up with him.

Unknown Fucktard said...

Can't we just all just get 'a long?

I have no idea what is going on between Isis/Mike/Bill. However, Bill doesn't have a good history with telling the truth. The sexual comments that so oftened Isis were made by me so I doubt the IP info (which Isis's site isn't set up to catch in the first place) are going to show anything about Mike harassing Isis.

The whole I-sue-you Bill/Mike/Isis thing will be thrown out of court. The only winners will be the lawyers. What was it Don Henley said, "The more I think about it, Old Billy was right
Let's kill all the lawyers, kill 'em tonight" ?

Remember the Unknown One said it first. And don't forget, you can get
the Bills Gone Wild Video Series only at the Nimblog!


Unknown Fucktard said...

Oh and for those of you not already in the "know" don't put a lot of stock in
what Herr Schmidt says about Nimbusters. Schmidt is just upset because he asked to join and was turned down. It seems his IQ was even lower than Holsten's and it would have blew our bell curve all to shit.

historymike said...

Actually, I find Stefan Schmidt to be of very high intellectual ability, UF, although I am guessing that your jest was ironic.

Stefan Schmidt said...

Mr. Coleman, after that scathing retort I must ask,

How old are you?

karen said...

Well, after reading all that I guess the mystery of the graffiti still remains?

historymike said...

No, not yet, Karen.

An person emailed me the other day who claimed to have more info, but I have not heard back from her.

Unknown Fucktard said...

Bzzzzzzt guessed wrong, Herr Schmidt.
Cletus Coleman is an insiders joke.

The whole pompous attitude is pretty boorish, Schmidt and it would be a whole lot more effective if you weren't showing your arse all the time.

Stefan Schmidt said...

Mr. Coleman,

I have nothing against you or NIM busters. However, I am deeply and truly sorry that you find my attitude boring. Forgive me, if you can.

Insult me if you wish, Mr. Coleman. Just remember that you are not in elementary school.

kiyrrgdde v said...
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Unknown Fucktard said...

Well Mike, the problem is that we (Nimbusters) were all pretty obsessed with Isis for a while. I mean heck, we figured if both you and Bill could both score with her then the chick must be pretty damned hard up.

Lloyd (TimeLORD not the Rump-Ranger Lloyd) figured that maybe he even had an outside chance. But that was where things started going wrong. You see Woger started to get jealous. If Lloyd gets laid then he won't be a 32 year old virgin any longer. This urked Woger on a number
of levels: First and foremost if Lloyd got laid then his virgin insult is out the window (he's been using that one for about 4 years now and it's unlikly he can come up with another one). Secondly Woger has this whole closet homosexual thing going for Lardass (another TimeLORD's pet names) so he gets kind of bitchy when Lloyd starts sniffin' around females.

So we think that it might be Woger stalking Isis though it is also possible that Bill White is just full of a lot of shit which is most likly the case.

In any case, I've put a lot of thought into it and I think that Bill, Isis, and yourself should settle the whole thing on one of those TV justice shows, or maybe Jerry Springer. Personally, most Nimbusters would perfer Jerry Springer because it is a show that is highly popular to your average Nimbuster. If you do take it to Jerry we all hope that Isis will get her "Springer beads".

Anonymous said...

Wow. Some of you people really need to get a life.

Todd Daugherty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Todd Daugherty said...

DUMFUCK, I don't know who the fuck your talking about but I've never been on your fucking site before, and frankly I odn't give a shit about you our your little fucking butt buddies at NIM BUSTER....fuck you!!


Todd E. Daugherty N9OGL

Anonymous said...

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