Jan 27, 2006

Blog Idea - Seeking Input

(Toledo, OH) Years ago I participated in a unique experiment in collaborative writing in which posters would pick up the thread of a story that was left by the last visitor. The result was an evolving work of fiction that carried the imprint of a variety of writers.

One of the problems with the site was its lack of moderation; there would be a half-dozen serious writers whose work would be interrupted by cyber-clowns posting stupidity.

The thought that crossed my mind was to set up a similar project in a blog format. Invited members of the blog would be free to log in and make posts, carrying the story forward (this would eliminate the problem of trolls). The comments section could be used to critique the writing as well as to offer suggestions on where the next writer could go.

What do you think? What sorts of gound rules do you see as necessary for this project to be successful (or at least entertaining)?


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun, Mike. How do we sign up?


Mrs. Phoenix said...

Please count me in as a Contributing Writer (I love big titles :)

One important ground rule would be this: If you go off-topic, you off the blog article; 1 strike and you're "out". I have been guilty of this myself; this can be a BIG problem with a specific thread. It's nothing personal; it's business...the business of learning and stimulating creativity.

historymike said...

You are hired, Mrs. Phoenix!

I think it would depend on the story that developed. If the story were, at that moment, two lovers talking in a park and the next person came along and had them get smashed them with a meteor, I think you would have an excellent case for a virtual spanking.

Part of the fun is to see how other people run with a story idea. The contribution could be three sentences, or it could be 5,000 words.

Anonymous said...


I'd jump at the opportunity to do this!

I used to write professionally. However, my job responsibilities have expanded and I have become more of an executive and administrator than a creator and I fear my skills have atrophied.

However, I think will a little practice, I might be able to get my chops back.

Please hire me too!!


kiyrrgdde v said...
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Anonymous said...

Your a interresting man Mike. One of the good guys! I'd love to read it and see how we all work together.

Unknown Fucktard said...

Cyber-clowns posting stupidity hey,
I think I resemble that remark.

historymike said...

Thanks for offering to join the experiment, MeMyself&I.

What I will do is set up a blog, and then "invite" you via email to be blog "Team Members" (dorky title, but that's what Blogger calls it).

Once you go through the steps ( basically setting up a Blogger account if you don't have one, and then answering the emailed link) it will be up and running.

So far we have Mrs. Phoenix, MeMyself&I, and babbleman at ToledoTalk interested, plus a couple of people who emailed me.

I will probably start the thread with a simple, 3-4 sentence scene (as yet undetermined) and we'll get started!

the hulk said...

Hulk No Write Good.

Hulk Still Welcome?

Nikki said...

Mike, this is a really cool idea. I participated in something like this several years ago and we had a great time - until others decided to crash our party. This, however, sounds doable and provides a vehicle which would almost prohibit such intrusions to occur.

Anonymous said...

NIM Busters used to have a never ending story before they moved from net54. I must admit even with all the trolls it was hilarious.

You should do it one, let the trolls in if they agree to follow your guidelines

historymike said...

OK all:

Send me an email at:


I will then send out the Blogger invites.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought,

Why not let the stopid remarks be posted? It could lead to some hilarious story lines as well force people to become as creative as possible to continue the story and/or work their way out of the previous stupidity. What about a rule requiring jack-asstic continuations to be limited to 5 sentences.

historymike said...

I want the project to reflect the contributions of serious writers.

I am concerned that lurkers may scare off some of the more timid of the contributors. Not everyone is as reckless as me in being completely public with their real-life personnas, and some are hesitant to even open a Blogger account.

I don't want to see budding writers get blasted by some stooge who just wants to take a mean-spirited swipe at someone who is not confident about their writing.

Calico Jack said...

This sounds like a good time. I've tried it before with varying degrees of success.

Stefan Schmidt said...


Before I discovered this blog I posted on another blog that was similar in concept to the one that you are proposing now. It allowed members to write articles for the blog and each story had to pass a voting queue before it was posted on the front page of the blog (only established members were allowed to post and vote).

The concept was good, and I enjoyed having the ability to contribute to the blog other then just posting comments.

However, theory hardly turns out to be reality. There were only a handful who bothered to post and after a while they themselves stopped posting; hence the blog itself drifted into obscurity.