Jan 23, 2006

Blog Tag

(Toledo, OH) Having voluntarily been "tagged" by Lisa Renee at Liberal Common Sense, it is now my duty to keep the virtual game going.

Very simple to play - you just answer four questions and then name four "tagees."

With that, let's play:

Four Jobs You Have Held
Multi-unit restaurant owner
Concessions manager at a sports arena
Staff writer for a newspaper

Four Places You Have Lived
Detroit, MI
Mount Clemens, MI
Dallas, TX
Toledo, OH

Four Vacations You Have Taken
Bar Harbor, ME
North Myrtle Beach, SC
Florida Keys
Palm Desert, CA

Four Vehicles You Have Owned
1979 Mustang
1981 VW Rabbit (diesel)
1985 Yugo
1999 Suburban

Four Bloggers You Want To Tag
Hooda Thunkit
Frank Szollosi
Liberal Dem


Lisa Renee said...

Oh and look you didn't wuss out like I did and ask for volunteers....

My LeCar and your Yugo were pretty similiar...I bet yours only had three lug nuts per tire as well.


historymike said...

I ended up donating the Yugo to the Volunteers of America, Lisa.

I don't recall the number of lug nuts it had, but it definitely was a stripped-down car.

I did get 60,000 miles from it with minimal maintenance, though.

Hooda Thunkit said...


So, I have been tagged...

You'll have to wait till tomorrow, it's past my bed time now (desperately struggling for time...).

G'nite Mike!

G'nite Lisa!


liberal_dem said...

Four Jobs You Have Held:

Taxi cab driver
Railroad boxcar loader
Land surveyor
Mock patient at MUO

Four Places You Have Lived

Ann Arbor
Yellow Springs

Four Vacations You Have Taken

NYC 2 weeks after 9-11
Clear Lake, Ind.
Americus, GA

Four Vehicles You Have Owned

55 Ford
60 Ford
71 VW Beetle
74 Plymouth Valiant

Hooda Thunkit said...



But I'll probably only get 2 responses...

Lisa Renee said...

That's okay HT, I've only gotten two so far - we're batting 50%


Frank said...

Four Jobs You Have Held
- steakhouse cook
- mutual funds shares trader
- city street crew seasonal (think potholes & weedwackers)
- congressional press secretary

Four Places You Have Lived
- Salt Lake City
- Hackensack
- Washington, DC
- Cincinnati

Four Vacations You Have Taken
- Gettysburg
- Yellowstone
- Costa Rica
- Iceland, France, Hungary

Four Vehicles You Have Owned
- 76 coup de ville
- 76 suburban
- 92 saturn
- 99 dodge ram