Jan 1, 2006

Comments Changes

I am turning on that annoying word verification feature ]to this blog for an unspecified time frame. I have been getting blitzed in the past two days by some car loan spammer who posted over 30 spam comments.

I am going to leave the anonymous comments on for now and just delete the tasteless posts. In general, I don't mind the occasional cuss word, but I'm tired of reading the comments where anonymous posters use their anonymity to vent obscene stupidity. Those comments that get deleted I will follow with a short explanation.

Cheers, and thanks for visiting my schizophrenic blog.


mikevotes said...

Thanks for the compliment inherent in adding me to the "favorite bloggers list." If you care, I will of course reciprocate. Sorry, just using big words today for some reason.

Also, on the comments, that's exactly my policy. Gotta turn on the annoying word verification unless you want to spend your life deleting those spam posts.

But, I would leave the anonymous feature on unless you're just getting nailed. Yeah, you're gonna periodically get some invective filled hate, but I've gotten some great thoughtful criticisms from people who came in as anonymous because they didn't want to start a war.

One of them is now somebody I trade comments with regularly after he eventually revealed himself. We don't always agree, but I really value the guy as a check on my own craziness. You may find somebody pretty cool who is anonymous simply because they don't want a war, just like you.

Again, thanks.

(After reading down a little further and seeing the article on the "whitepride" people, you may be getting far more hate than I do.)

Take a look at this older post of mine, I'd be curious what you think. It's on the Nixon's Southern strategy and the implications 30 years later.

Did Nixon ruin the Republican party?

Sorry, seemed to wanna talk this morning. Happy new year.



Ptelea said...

I'm new to your blog - but I love history, writing, photography, art and any political discussion - your writing is very good - thanks

Anonymous said...

Mike, what about childish juvenile sophmoric attempt at humor? Go ahead pull my finger.

Anonymous said...


Would that "recurrent problem that you are not at liberty to discuss" have something to do with Bill White and his comments about you or about how he posted your personal information?