Jan 14, 2006

Defamatory Article Pulled

(Toledo, OH) An article penned by National Socialist Movement spokesperson Bill White that made defamatory statements against the author of this site has now been pulled.

Mr. White denied that this action has anything to do with legal steps I have taken to deal with the article.

I trust that this is a sign of a good-faith effort on the part of all parties involved to engage in civil discourse. Lord knows I have better things to do than to engage in flame wars or protracted legal battles.


Anonymous said...

I hope this is past for you, Mike. White is a disturbed individual, and you should focus on other topics.

Bill White said...

The article is and was 100% true.

What I will be replacing it with in the near future is copies of various emails you sent to Isis, saying that you wanted to have an affair with her.

Bill White said...

What HistoryKike said to Isis:


historymike said...

I never made that post on her blog, but thanks for stopping by, Bill.

Lisa Renee said...


UF already posted on your overthrow site that he was the one who did that. Your own IP tracking software demonstrates he is not historymike. Following this theory, that would mean that you are responsible for all of the comments posted by those claiming to be you at NIM Busters as one example. Or at any of the various blogs where there are quite a few fake Bill White's that post.

How about we tell people how to easily discover if a blog commenter is really them or not. It would stop alot of the problems over this issue. It's a simple matter of noting the profile member Id number for the real person that way even if they copy the exact profile information? You still know who is who. Let's take your blogger id as an example - it is 14321466, it's easily found by clicking on your profile. This would be extremely helpful for those who don't have IP tracking software on their blogs and for those who visit a blog who believe a commenter is using a fake profile.

Here is the comment that was listed on your overthrow site:

Hey Billy, I hate to burst your bubble but I ain't Mikey. I'm also not from Toledo. I live in Texas and am from Canada, hosier. But hey, don't let things like facts stand in your way. They never have before. LOL!

Ip Logged:

I'd also recommend that people that have blogs that have problems with abusive commenters might want to consider using haloscan rather than blogger for comments. If you use Haloscan you can ban ip's from commenting.

Haloscan Website

Instructions on how to sign up and how to add the script as well as other useful info can be found there.

Maybe this might stop the next drama....Maybe not...but I tried.

Bill White said...

Actually, Michael Brooks has sent Isis numerous emails saying that he is lonely, his wife doesn't give him sex, and that he would like to get together with her and have an affair.

As she has spurned him, he has become increasingly hostile and threatening, as his latest temper tantrum on this blog shows. He makes annoying phone calls, sends repeated emails, sometimes apologizing, sometimes threatening.

In short, he's being a pretty typical Jew.

And, apparently, the Toledo police don't think very highly of him either, as they have reportedly received complaints about him behaving this way in the past.

Lisa Renee said...

Okay, whatever...it's obvious that you have a different agenda than the truth.

However, for those of you atcually interested in making sure you know who is really who?

My advice still stands.

historymike said...

I would strongly urge everyone not to give Mr. White any more attention. I have been guilty of contributing to his seemingly endless appetit for drama, and I will pursue any recourse through legal means rather than flame wars.

Again, Mr. White, your comments are being logged. I strongly urge you to cease this behavior, as this type of behavior turns a civil libel case into something much more serious.

Lisa Renee said...

I agree Mike, one of the main reasons I've not responded here as well as other places.

With that? My contribution to this now ends...


liberal_dem said...

Delusional disorder

'The exact cause of delusional disorder has not been conclusively determined, but potential causes include heredity, neurological abnormalities, and changes in brain chemistry. Some studies have indicated that delusions are generated by abnormalities in the limbic system, the portion of the brain on the inner edge of the cerebral cortex.'

I'd recomment Thorazine or Haldol along with a weekly lobotomy.

As this form of psychosis can result from 'heredity,' one needs to ask Billy's parents if they, too, suffered psychotic episodes.

The good news is that, with therapy, including psychiatric and drugs, most patients can lead fairly normal lives.

Of course, if the patient , like Billy, actually completes his psychiatric therapy, he may not want to come out of his psychosis because he will then realize what a jackass he was for most of his life.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Great to hear that the article is pulled!

As for Mr. White's comments posted here, they speak for themselves...