Jan 4, 2006

Editorial: A Stay In The Council Drama

Left: New council president Rob Ludeman; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) The selection on the fourth ballot of Republican Rob Ludeman to the post of council president brings to an end a saga that had the potential to force the Toledo legislative body inbto gridlock.

To be sure, there will be hard feelings between many of the ocuncil members for months to come. Plenty of accusations and attacks surfaced in the weeks prior to yesterday's voting, and there are likely to be personal feuds between individual members for quite some time.

Ludeman possesses characteristics that may make himt he most desirable person for the job. His quiet leadership and calm demeanor will likely serve to assuage the sizable egos that inhabit council chambers. In addition, he is a bright, thoughful public servant with a wealth of experience, making him a better candidate than newcomers like Mark Sobczak.

As a businessman in the Toledo area for several decades, Ludeman understands the role of the market better than most of the career politicians who tend to find themselves in One Government Center. I take issue with his willingness to extend tax abatements to seemingly every firm that holds out its hand, but one cannot make much of a case that Ludeman will obstruct the process of attracting employers to the city.

While his close association with Carty Finkbeiner might mean that Ludeman will not challenge the new mayor, my suspicion is that Ludeman generally follows his instincts rather than the crowd. Moreover, as a man of deep personal conviciton, Ludeman brings a type of moral leadership that people like Bob McCloskey cannot claim.

Finally, on a personal note, I have found Rob Ludeman to be a decent, hardworking individual whose first concern is his duties to represent the public. I applaud the collective decision to place Ludeman in the council presidency, and I believe that he would be qualified to assume the role of mayor in the unfortunate event that Mayor Finkbeiner would not be able to continue in his duties.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Mike, and I am a Democrat. Rob Ludeman is not the type of right-wing ideologue who will muck up council with religious right divisiveness, and he is just a nice guy who will get the job done.

Anonymous said...


An end to the drama is just what we need.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I suggested somewhere recently that a Republican as Council President might be a good thing.

Little did I know....

Although I thought that it might have been Sarantou, I am pleased with the outcome.

I feel GOOD about this!

historymike said...

I agree about Sarantou, Hooda. I think he will be a formidable 2009 mayoral candidate.

Maybe Ludeman can help keep Carty calm, too!

liberal_dem said...

Maybe Ludeman can help keep Carty calm, too!

Naw. It's a personality disorder which is nearly impossible to rectify. Carty needs his bluster and his verbal [and physical abuse]to obfuscate his personal feelings of insecurity.

Do said...

Rob Ludeman is a good choice for this position. He's thoughtful and thorough.

I have worked with Rob on several projects during his time on Council and he truly does have the City of Toledo at heart.

Congratulations to Rob!!