Jan 12, 2006

Important Note To Readers

(Toledo, OH) Today I received an email that National Socialist Movement spokesperson Bill White posted a derogatory article about me.

I clicked, and was shocked at what I saw.

At this point I am retaining an attorney, and I should not say anything more until I speak with one. However, I categorically deny these outrageous statements, and Mr. White will have to answer for his libelous behavior in court.

This has been a progressive situation with Mr. White, and I have no doubt that this "news article" is merely an attempt to muddy the waters after I demanded he print a retraction from earlier lies he posted.

This, however, is beyond belief. I will provide an update when I am able to.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Nikki said...

Mike - we are all with you on this. It is nothing less than an outrageous attempt to slander and defame you - and we know better. Hang in there, and if you need anything - just holler.

Lisa Renee said...

I always felt Bill should become a fiction writer, this latest bit demonstrates that one.

willow said...

I agree with Nikki, Bill has crossed too many lines and should be held accountable.

Unknown Fucktard said...

I'm really pissed off to be accused of being you. As I've pointed out many times, I am funnier and look better naked :)

liberal_dem said...

It appears that Billy's mental problems are, as we suspected, on the decline once more. For a while there seemed to be hope with his intense lithium treatments. Yet, these seem to be ineffective. He probably has developed immunity to lithium. Quite common.

Institutionalization, I fear, is the only recourse. I recommend shock treatments or a lobotomy. It is apparent that several neurons got crossed shortly after birth when he was dropped onto the marble floor. Doctors told Mr. and Mrs. White that Billy would never be normal and that his condition would, in fact, gradually deteriorate as he reached midlife.

Well, time has come. Get the net and the men in the white coats. It's time for Billy to get off the streets before he hurts someone.

[weeping is heard]

[people blowing their nose]

[some snickering too]

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you have to go through this on top of everything; boy, his timing sucks. While I'm spared from having any idea what he said (this is not a plea to be enlightened), I wish you swift justice.

Stephanie said...


I'm assuming that your statements are factually inacurate and might suggest you refrain while Mike is pursuing legal action, because your statements (and his allowing them to remain on his blog) could be seen in a negative light in court.

It's kind of hard to nail the "other" guy for libel, when Mike and/or his friends are libeling said "other" guy on Mike's behalf.

Lloyd Davies, TimeLORD said...

If you would just leave Isis alone.

Lloyd Davies, TimeLORD
"On the Domestic Front"

Lisa Renee said...

He's not the one you should be telling that to Lloyd...You'd think you'd know what is really going on by now.

historymike said...

Thanks for the kind comments, all. I have to watch what I say due to the litigious nature of this insanity, but trust that Mr. White has made a serious error.

Lisa: there are so many "fake" Blogger accounts that it's hard to tell who is who. Nikki has had a few run-ins with fake "Nikkis" posting all sorts of obscenities.

Also, the "Unknown F**tard" may or may not be the poster who seems to have ticked off Isis, starting this whole spiraling trail of libel.

Lisa Renee said...

I know Mike, I've seen the parade of fake blogs and I know who's claimed they are responsible for them. Which is not you. And enough to know this is all total bullshit.

If she is being harrassed? It's not by you. Not to mention if it was really true a person would handle it totally differently unless the intent was to try to embarrass someone.

historymike said...

That website (NIM Busters) is a sort of disturbed free-for-all, and some of the anonymous posters will post obscene pictures, personal information, and all sorts of unpleasantries.

I have been routinely slagged, as has Isis, Bill White, Nikki, Harry Scwartz, and pretty much anyone that pisses off one of the posters.
I do not know the chain of events that led to Mr. White's defamatory article, but I can guarantee I have never posted pornography, made threats, or in any way shape of form brought harm to anyone.

That is a fact, and the truth will come out. Soon.

There are really only two scenarios: Person X made up a bunch of lies to smear me, or Person X was told a bunch of lies by Person Y.

So it really boils down to whether I sue 1 or 2 people.


If Mr. White realizes his error, removes the article, and prints a retraction.

BEFORE the papers start flying in the court system.

Lisa Renee said...

Yeah I've seen nim busters. I was curious about Steve/Elmer and saw some of the whole Isis thing there as well as having the fake "nikki" visit my blog a few times.

So I know all about the historymike cadre and the "unique" interests of those on NIM. Remember I'm the "intern" so of course I research stuff - lol


Unknown Fucktard said...

Okay, I did ask Isis for naked pictures of herself. But I have no idea where Billy got his other stuff or how he decided that I was "Mikey".

Personally I've never seen Mike or anyone else post threatening comments about Isis or her children. I challenge Billy to post that link. I've also never seen Mike post any pictures of Isis. Which doesn't mean it didn't happen but Billy always has problems with the truth. Luke says he ain't any good in bed neither.

Don't worry though, at some point I will libel you all. I am a Nimbuster
and I make no apologies for that.

historymike said...

Thank you, U.F.

You may be a bit crude, but you are honest, and that counts for a lot.

Email me if you are able to help in any way against Mr. White and his campaign to smear me.

karen said...

UGH! Sorry you are going through this, Mike. Also sorry for your wife that she has to put up with the defamation of your character. Hope this is resolved very quickly. Let us know what you can when you can. Karen.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Good Luck!

Keep us posted, when you can.

As for what white wrote, I won't even go there. Nothing he has to say about you interests me.

valbee said...

Mike, I've made a point not to really comment on anything related to the NSM and their ilk because, like Hooda, it's of no interest to me.

But as everyone here has said, I'm sorry that you have to be dealing with this situation. I'm hoping for the best that everything turns out well.

Mr. Schwartz said...


Good luck.

Bill's lawyer is John H Kennett and his lawyer's website is http://kennettlaw.com - it contains his contact information

I would suggest suing him in Ohio since some of his libel has occured while he was in that state although your lawyer will tell you what to do. Any judgment in Ohio is enforcable in any state in the US.

Photograph or document everything Bill White says has he has a habit of changing and editing articles.

LSN Staff is Bill White. Even if it wasn't Bill, he's still legally liable as the publisher, just like the NY Times is legally liable for libel when one of their reporters fucks up.

Just to cover your bases, sue White Politics LLC also. But again, your lawyer will know what to do.

White is also being sued by Edward Hamilton in Virginia over libel.


I'm also bothered that Isis is totally silent on this.

Lloyd said...

Not that I necessarily need to explain myself, but I am paranoid and wanted to let you all know I am not Lloyd Davies, Timelord.

I don't know what he stands for, but with these fake links I just wanted to make sure you all knew.

Sorry for your troubles Mike. I say "take him down"

Unknown Fucktard said...

Oh my god. After seeing Lloyd who is not TimeLORD's picture I'm going to have to mess with him sometime in the future. I just can't help myself.

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...



Well, one thing is for sure...Isis hasn't taken to the internet to deny what Bill White has written yet.

bill white said...

I'll be filing suit against Michael Brooks, Harry Schwartz, and Nicole Nichols for defamation in Roanoke District Court asking for $10,000 in damages from each of you. Have a nice day.


Do said...


Best of luck in your upcoming battle. If there is anything I can do, you know how to get hold of me.

Take care and assure your family that this will not be an adverse situation for them, no matter what.

Bill White said...

This is the real Bill White.

What you fail to mention here, Mike, is that the substance of the article is true -- Isis really has gotten sick of the weird emails you are sending her, and really has asked the University to investigate. I think that attorney will be more useful to you in your defense.

historymike said...

A word of caution, Bill (and yes, this is the real Bill White, as I checked the IP):

The words you post can and will be used in legal proceedings. Unless you are going to represent Isis in a court action, I suggest that you allow Isis to speak for herself.

If Isis is receiving "sick" emails, it is not from me, and she knows how to check full headers for the info. The only emails I have sent her in the past month were thus:

Two yesterday asking her to confirm that she did, indeed, talk with you (she has not responded);


One dated December 29 in response to a harassing phone call she made to me, blaming me for bullshit at NIM Busters in which I hung up on her rather than listen to nonsense.

NIM Buster said...

Bill,supply us the links bill to these

"Brooks has begun posting personal information about Isis and her children, posting photographs of her, and making sexually explicit and threatening comments to her, calling her a whore and asking her how much she charges for a blowjob, among others. "

Let us see you back up your claims, post the links or retract your statements

historymike said...

You have obviously noted, NIM Buster, that Bill has begun to back away from the claims in his article.

He refers to "the substance" of his article being true, instead of the wild-ass comments he posted (and you noted).

A couple of problems for Bill's scenario:

1. I rarely use University computers, as my laptop goes everywhere with me;
2. I have never posted pictures - pornographic or otherwise - of anyone;
3. I have never made threats against anyone (except in the sense of threatening legal action).

And the whole basis of the article - a comment on Isis's blog from "Unknown Fucktard"- never came from me. IP info will show that to be the case, and I again deny all of these absurd allegations.

NIM Buster said...

she has no way of tracking ip's on her blog


I have also checked it out and I could not find any script or link to track ip's either

Do said...

Mike, might I suggest that you don't respond in any way to any attempt at correspondence by Bill White if you intend on retaining counsel. ANYthing you say (write) will be twisted by Mr. White and his sick mind.

We all are behind you, support you, and do not believe one word of Mr. White's claims.

I just hope that if (when) this goes to court that the judge will force Mr. White to divulge his true address instead of some PO box. If he's so comfortable posting that kind of info about other people, then why shouldn't the public be made privvy to his information?

historymike said...

Thanks, Do.

I have to stop taking the bait; I will try to refrain from dicussing specifics.

Thanks, NIM Busters, for the link.

Calico Jack said...


Sue him for his back teeth.

Mr. Schwartz said...


Bill White has pulled that article off overthrow.com just like I predicted but then reposted it on his personal blog page at overthrow88.blogspot.com

He'll deny ever posting it on overthrow.com so that's why I said make sure you not only save the articles but have witnesses save it also and take a photograph of the site.

Nikki said...

It gets better...he has now pulled it off his blog - TWICE!