Jan 1, 2006

New Year, Old Problems: 2006 Begins With Toledo Police


(Toledo, OH) Little time elapsed before the euphoria of a new year was replaced by the a turn of Fortuna's wheel, and I found myself needing to pay a visit to the Northwest District station of the Toledo Police Department.

I will save you the prurient details, except to say that this trip was to file a report on a recurrent problem that I am not at liberty to discuss at this time.

My tale, though, is not the reason for this post, as I found myself waiting in line at the station behind two young women filing an assault complaint. Their story and their lives seemed to me to be a microcosm of many of the social problems we face in America today.

"Misty" and her sister "Brittany" (names changed) are 19 and 20, respectively. They were out partying last night and had become quite inebriated. They called their mother and her live-in boyfriend at 1:30 AM to come and pick them up at the party, since they were too drunk to drive the car home (perhaps the one bright spot in this sordid chronicle).

Misty said that she and Brittany got into an argument with mom's boyfriend, "Butch," who they particularly dislike due to his pattern of abusive teatment of mom. Upon arriving at the apartment in which four adults and one baby live, Butch smashed Misty in the mouth, splitting her lip and bloodying her nose (she also sported matching shiners under each eye this morning).

Mom and Butch immediately left the scene, leaving the two girls and their "fiancees" to their own devices. Everyone apparently lives in the Brooke Park apartment complex, an area notorious for drugs, burglaries, and assaults.

I tried to avoid being judgmental, adopting the old "there but for the grace of God" mentality. However, I was saddened by the abject misery of the lives of the people I came to know in the 20 minutes in which their lives unfolded before me and the officer taking the report.

Booze. Drugs. Teen pregnancy. Domestic violence. Divorce. Poverty. Unemployment. Stupidity. This was a Springer-like episode that unfortunately lacked the comical staged drama of television, because these were real people living on the margins of American life.

Of course, maybe I am living on the margins, and these folks are really center stage.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Face it Mike, you don't get out nearly enough.

It is quickly becoming a Jerry Springer world...

Stephanie said...

The sad part here is that they choose to stay in the situation. You mentioned that there was a history of abuse, and yet they were still there. And there's a young child with no choice involved.

historymike said...

LOL at Hooda.

Yes, the unwillingness/inability to strive for something better is what frustrates me the most, Stephanie.

Anonymous said...


Would that "recurrent problem that you are not at liberty to discuss" have something to do with Bill White and his comments about you or about how he posted your personal information?

historymike said...

1. Can't comment on my visit to TPD to file a complaint.

2. I do not know who posted my address and phone number at the NIM Busters site; Bill might have motivation, but he usually does this sort of thing on his own site. I will say that it was funny to watch Bill White in Common Pleas Court on December 9 whining about his safety if he gave the court his home address, thus making it public record (the judge finally gave in and let him use his Roanoke PO box).

This coming, of course, from a person who uses a skip-trace service to find personal information on people who tick him off and then publishes saud data on his Overthrow.com website.

Anonymous said...

You aren't commenting about the reason, or not commenting on the person?
And yes Bill White did post that information about you.

historymike said...

Ummm...whatever you say, anonymous.

I... am... not... commenting... on... the... visit... to...TPD... to... file... a... complaint.


BrianMaxson said...


I'm sorry for using your name to procure the limo that picked up Jessica Simpson, feed her at Frank Unkles, pay for our bowling at Twin Oaks, buy drinks for everyone at the Bijou, and toilet paper every member of the "A" team's homes.

Please recind the complaint or I will cry.

Thank you :)

(Happy New Year)

liberal_dem said...


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Mrs. Phoenix said...

Mike, is the Brooke Parke apartments off of Airport Highway (between Reynolds and Byrne)?

historymike said...

No, Mrs. Phoenix - Brooke Park is just south of the state line off Jackman Road. It is a 3/4 mile stretch of 8-unit apartment buildings.

Some local pizza outlets will no longer deliver to Brooke Park at night because of robberies.

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Thank you for the correction, Mike.

I will return to what I have often repeated...the social issues of teen pregnancy, drug use/abuse, lack of parental control CAN DECREASE through social programs that exist in Lucas County and the City of Toledo...programs like Self-Expression Teen Theater who have been tackling these issues since 1986 with little funding. The community is going to PAY somehow: PAY A LOT in terms of crime and taxes to support welfare and treatment programs, or PAY A LITTLE in terms of financially or donating time to support prevention programs like SETT. In one way or another, you are gonna PAY. Make your choice...

Stephanie said...

mrs. pheonix,

I don't live in Toledo or anywhere close to it, so I don't know anything about the particular program you're touting. But I have known kids with excellent opportunities for appropriate recreation choose the route of drugs, crime and mayhem. This happens irregardless of ethnicity, gender, creed or financial situation.

In my experience, it has more to do with whether the individual has a good understanding of consequences and responsibility. The difference between the rich kid who doesn't know right from wrong and the poor kid who doesn't know right from wrong is often simply the difference in how well the parents' can bail the child out from his or her mess to wreak the same havoc again.

Social programs can help, but they are by no means a cure-all and cannot replace a concerned, attentative parent.

If Self-Expression Teen Theater doesn't teach kids good decision-making skills and doesn't make efforts to reach the kids who are NOT looking for something "better" to do with their time, it won't be a success no matter how much money you dump on it. If they DO those things, then they can succeed even on a shoe-string budget, at least to a small extent.

historymike said...

Agreed, Stephanie. There are no replacements for good parents.

Do said...

Generational poverty, generational abuse. Two things that just don't go away. There's no quick remedy.

Common sense plays a huge role in getting out of either dilemma.