Jan 16, 2006

OK, More Frivolity

Caption: "Jesus About To Pimp-Smack George W. Bush"

(Toledo, OH) Props to Tim over at Traveling Through Life Without a Map, who reminded me of this 2003 photo and who has an equally funny post today on a similar theme.

The caption is not my creation, though I might like to take credit for it. I first saw it on an anti-war flyer on the UT campus a year or two ago, but it is very funny and bears worth reprinting.

I really wanted to do some serious writing today, and I may yet get to it, but the overall mood of the Internet seems to be one of giddy lunacy today.


Anonymous said...

I saw this picture before, but with a different caption, something like "Bush thinks he is Jesus." This caption is better.

mikevotes said...

I assume this is the gif I have with Jesus slapping Bush in the head. I've tried and tried, but I just can't get the slapping motion to work on my blog.


historymike said...

Too funny, mikevotes.

liberal_dem said...

New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin said today that he suspects God is mad at America for the sin of war and lying. As a result, Nagin says, God has sent hurricane after hurricane to punish us.

The sadistic thing about all of this is that the perps of the war, Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Rice, are unscathed in the mess that they created while millions of common folk [peasants if you will] suffer the consequences of both Bush's rage as well as God's.

Timothy said...

Heh heh... I can't help but think about how the pic was probably staged by his publicity people to show him in the arms of Jesus, but the pimp slap is more deserving.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"...but the overall mood of the Internet seems to be one of giddy lunacy today."

It was one of those days, come to think of it. I didn't do anything but emails and a visit to ToledoTalk myself.

Anonymous said...

I think Mayor Nagin sounded an awful lot like Pat Robertson.

Nagin makes an apology and the media lets him go. Robertson continues to get grilled by the media.

Both men ought to be marginalized.

Hooda Thunkit:

I had to walk away from ToledoTalks. I still read, but I can't post any more. Like Mike, I avoid flame wars and love a civil debate. I enjoyed debating with many people there.

But there are posters on there (two liberals and two conservatives) who bring out the worst in me. Should somebody discover who I am, I would be embarrassed by a couple of the things I posted on there. I don't like embarrassing myself.