Jan 31, 2006

OTA Link Day


(Toledo, OH) On Tuesdays, I will perform my duties as a member of the Open Trackback Alliance and highlight some articles that I found noteworthy on the sites of other members.

Follow this link to learn more about the project, which was developed by Samantha Burns.

Aaron at Grandinite has an interesting article on magnesium depletion including a checklist that discusses the physical symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Lyn at Bloggin' Outlouddiscusses yaks and their human counterarts in an allegorical post.

Those of you who believe the Minutemen hold the keys to slowing illegal immigration should read this post over at Freedom Folks. Warning: this article will offend those who beieve the Hastert/Sensenbrenner “border security” bill to be a dangerous trend that unfairly targets illegal immigrants as felons.

1 comment:

Lyn said...

Thanks for the mention and link. My guest blogger for the article you mention is Random Yak. I love blog roundups as well. I'll keep an eye open for you via the OTA. Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud