Jan 24, 2006

OTA Link Love


(Toledo, OH) As today is Tuesday, I will perform my duties as a member of the Open Trackback Alliance and highlight some articles that I found noteworthy on the sites of other members.

Mice at Miceland has an interesting article that
extolls the virtues
of Zen Buddhism, as well as providing some recommendations of Zen-related texts for people unfamiliar with this philosophy.

Aaaron Braaten at Grandinite offers his views on the Conservative party victory in the Canadian national elections, along with a snippet of related 2Pac lyrics. Me? I much prefer Pete Townshend and The Who's take on electoral politics:

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss.

There is a very funny parody ad at Pirates - Man Your Women about BMW owners that mirrors some of the recent conversation in which we engaged about lousy drivers. Worth repeated clicks.


Third World Country shares: Head 'em up; move 'em out!
Excerpt: Here's a roundup for ya: It Is About Time We Were Politically Incorrect Part II from All Things Beautiful. Preach it Alexandra. (And don't miss It Is About Time We Were Politically Incorrect Part I.) Regarding the intolerance of the left for religion...

Freedom Folks joins in with: Help the Solution, Not the Problem
Excerpt: If an immigration reform bill moving through Congress becomes law, nonprofit organizations that help day laborers find work without making sure each client has a legal right to work in the U.S. could be subject to criminal prosecution, jail sentences...


the hulk said...
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the hulk said...

Hulk Smash!

Lisa Renee said...

I have enjoyed alot of the posts at Pirate's Man your woman


I'm also glad to have you in the OTA.

Hooda Thunkit said...

So, explain this to me again, Y'all do have lives outside of blogging?

Where DO you find the time?

I'm having trouble keeping up with y'all's blogs, plus jonathan's, Bob's, and Val's...

Oh, and my own too, of course ;-)

historymike said...

Thanks, Lisa!


I have the good fortune of a worklife that is at least 60% online (tutoring, teaching, writing) so it is easy for me to keep up.

My laptop is all but glued to my lap.

That may change, though... I am investigating an employment opportunity that may enable me to go from 4 part-time jobs to one fulltime (plus probably one part-time for pin money).

Lisa Renee said...

Yep, HT, having five children, two still at home I have learned to multi-task. Sometimes not very well if I'm trying to do to much at one time. So I cook, clean, do mom stuff and now puppy detail and once in a while pay attention to my husband. (lol) I try to do my heavy research type projects and interviews during the day when it will not interfere with what I need to do for them.

and pssttt Mike you have another trackback...