Jan 14, 2006

Toledo Express Reports Huge Drop In Traffic

Left: Aerial view of Toledo International, courtesy of airnav.com

(Toledo, OH) The statistics for passenger traffic at Toledo International Airport (TOL) released yesterday were pretty depressing; traffic was down 27% in December 2005 as compared with the same month in 2004.

Only 33,000 passengers used the international airport last month, largely a result of the drop in the number of scheduled flights from the carriers.

The situation at Detroit Metro (DTX) is much less gloomy. The FAA predicts that the 650 million people who traveled throught DTX in 2000 will grow to over 1 billion by 2010.

Despite its close proximity, the failure by the Port Authority to attract and keep air carriers will continue to prevent the airport from growing, and will be a thorn in the side of regional growth.


Anonymous said...

Why use Toledo and have to make two connections, when you can drive 45 minutes to Detroit and get a direct flight?

Lisa Renee said...

I almost always fly out of Toledo Express. I have flown out of Detroit but most times there isn't a direct flight to where I'm going anyway so if I'm going to end up at Atlanta or one of the other hubs I'd much rather start in Toledo, it's faster, closer to home and alot easier to get in and out of as far as parking.


historymike said...

Parking is definitely a plus, Lisa. It's great to walk, say, 50 yards from the lot to the terminal at TOL as opposed to a 1/2 mile walk at DTX.

Unfortunately, I have only been able to arrange about half my flights out of Toledo. There have been too many times where it was just easier to hit Detroit.

Mr. Schwartz said...

less than 100 people a day used the Toledo airport?

I'm just curious how many cities can you fly out of Toledo directly from.

I know here in Columbia SC , they fly to about 12 cities directly. It's not a lot. The nearest major airport is Charlotte. When I flew up to Baltimore last month, I flew from Columbia to DETROIT then to Baltimore. 400 miles out of the way.It would have been quicker just to drive to Charlotte to fly direct into BWI.

To be honest, it's probably quicker for them just to drive to Detroit so they can catch a direct flight to the city rather than flying out of Toledo, laying over in Detroit or Chicago, then flying hours later.

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Anonymous said...

Michael Blevins must having another manic episode. He's been in Virginia for at least the past two weeks.


liberal_dem said...

...that's why the director of the Port Authority got a $16,000 raise.

You've got to remember: Toledo is the home to sleight-of-hand. Witness: Bob McCloskey, Betty Shultz, and our newly elected, "I'm a divider" Carleton Finkbeiner.

Nuff said.

historymike said...

It works out to about 900 a day, but it's still not many, Harry.

DTX, the lat I saw, was around 90,000 a day (Northwest has a major hub in Detroit, so the number of people who pass through there is much higher).

Hooda Thunkit said...


Too few flights, fewer passengers. The results are logical.

TOL seems to be more adept at attracting cargo carriers and air freight.

If they ever figure out what will build the passenger side of the business, their business (pardon the pun) should really take off.

It's a lot easier to travel through TOL than DTW, in my experience. I'd sooner fly out of CMH (and, I have)...

Anonymous said...

As I recall, the port authority has attracted a number of airlines over the last several years including Air Tran, ATA, TransMeridian, and Allegiant.

Why did they leave?

Air Tran couldn't get the business community to support them.

ATA went bankrupt in the fallout of 9/11. It took a couple of years, but ATA was too small to weather the fallout.

TransMeridian went bankrupt due to high fuel costs.

Allegiant seems to be doing pretty well out of the gate.

The port authority also lured Delta and Continental back to Toledo Express after they had left.

That's a pretty decent track record of success in luring airlines.

The port authority spokesman said that eventually, Toledo is going to have to decide if they want an airport. Based on the numbers you're posting, I'd say they don't.

Anonymous said...


It is Toledo EXPRESS Airport. Not Toledo International.

Why use Toledo instead of Detroit. Let's take a look.

1. Drive 45 minutes to Detroit.

2. Spend 45 minutes finding a parking place.

3. Spend 30 minutes getting from your parking spot to the terminal.

4. Spend 60 minutes in line for a ticket if you did not E-ticket.

5. Spend 90 minutes in line for screening.

6. Spend 90 minutes to an hour sitting on an apron as your flight is delayed.


1. Travel 20 minutes to Toledo Express.

2. Park right by the passenger terminal.

3. Walk up to the counter without waiting in line.

4. Spend 10 minutes max at passenger screening.

5. Take off on time.

Beats the crap out of Detroit, connection or not.

historymike said...

I'm using the name that the Port authority is promoting, and which shows up in some of the FAA literature.

The traditional name is, indeed, Toledo Express, as I indicated in the title of the post.

The "International" designation was added a few years ago to acknowledge that the airport's runways were extended to accommodate the larger passenger jets.

It will always be "Express" in the minds of Toledoans, though.

Timothy said...

my experience in looking at Toledo Express instead of Detroit for my trips to the West Coast is that most of the time Toledo would just fly me to Detroit and from there I'd continu as if I had started from Detroit in the first place. And this short hop costs an extra $100 and 2 hours time for the trip and the plane change. I can be up in Detroit in 45 minutes and have a friend drop me off right in front of the terminal. No parking fees, a 50 yard walk to check my baggage, and about 5 gallons of gas used.

Why use Toledo to get to Detroit? It's not that far away.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seams to forget a friend waste about 2 hours of their time to save you 1 hour. Also the wear and tear on the car as well as the chance of an accident on the drive to DTW is greater than if you drive to TOL. I feel the mayor is probably responsible for the lack of activity at the Toledo Express Airport. If he would just look at the facility and put a little money into it people might just start using it. This airport is in poor condition and the people that work for the Port Authority have an attitude. They only do what is needed to cover-up a problem and never take care of it like they should. We really need to get people to work for the Port Authority who want to do the job right and get rid of the ones that are there to collect a paycheck for doing nothing.

Nathan B said...

Its quite simple really. I live near akron-canton. now you could whine and cry and pout about having to connect, but then our airport wouldnt have service from the 6 airlines we now have, because we choose to support or local airport. With support comes new routes. ya cleveland is a hub and only 40 miles, but we still choose CAK! toledo is a sad story. Fire the director, and pay him little to nothing until we see a change in service, make him bring new low fare service. Southwest would look good there. Wake up and smell the jet fumes! Your all gonna lose service, support your airport. if akron can do it, you can too.