Jan 8, 2006

Toledoans Among Auto Show Protesters

Left: Workers from DCX's Toledo North Jeep assembly plant load up at Gate 4; photos by historymike

Part of the large crowd of protesters at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit today were quite a few Toledoans. Members of Local 12 (Jeep) and Local 14 (GM Hydromatic) made the trip north to support Delphi workers.

"What happens at Delphi is the blueprint for the rest of the auto industry," said Calvin Buckmaster of Toledo. "We are making the drive to show solidarity with the workers of Delphi."

Delphi, the second-alrgest US auto parts supplier, was spun off by GM in 1999, and employs over 50,00 workers in its American plants. The company has about 180,000 workers worldwide.

Left: DCX skilled tradesman Calvin Buckmaster (in red) with an unknown protester march up Jefferson Avenue in Detroit

Buckmaster said that it is important for US auto workers to stand up and be heard.

"The corporations want to use multi-tiered wage schemes to divide workers," he said. "Events like this help build a unified front to protect our jobs and our pensions."

Buckmaster referrred to the fact that Delphi hopes to use its Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization to jettison its pension obligations.

More posts on today's protest as I find a better wireless signal...

1 comment:

Hooda Thunkit said...

I suspect that Buckmaster and his friends are in for an ugly disappointment.

Manufacturers are finding that the unloading their old responsibilities is an easy way to NOT honor them.

For the workers just more broken promises...