Feb 26, 2006

33,000 March Against Racism In Paris

Left: Parisians marching against racism, photo courtesy of AP.

(Paris) Tens of thousands of demonstrators, including a wide variety of ministers and politicians, joined in a show of solidarity against racism and anti-Semitism on Sunday.

This is in sharp contrast with the pathetic showing by 22 neo-Nazis in Orlando yesterday promoting racist ideology.

The Paris march was announced after a 23-year old Jewish salesman, Ilan Halimi, was kidnapped January 21. The man was hidden and tortured for three weeks in the southern Paris suburb of Bagneux. Halimi was found naked, handcuffed and covered with burn marks on February 13 near railroad tracks south of Paris, dying on his way to a hospital.

From Reuters:
Youssef Fofana, a French citizen, has been arrested in Ivory Coast on suspicion of leading the gang that kidnapped him.

"There is no political connotation (to the march). This is a demonstration by the people of France who are more than outraged by what happened," said Joseph Sitruk, France's chief rabbi.

"We are here also to say that all racist crimes are unacceptable in our society and that we must be very vigilant because it is a situation which is starting to be worrying," said Jean-Michel Quillardet, head of the Grand Orient of France.

Roger Cukierman, head of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France, said that it is "important for French society to realise that little anti-Semitic and racist prejudices can have terrible consequences."

The same, I believe, is true in the United States.


Anonymous said...

You are such a predictable Jew, HistoryKike. As soon as I saw this story I knew you were going to write what you wrote.

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historymike said...

"Predictable Jew?"

I wish that I had your powers of telepathy, anonynous. I imagine that you must have quite a stock portfolio (or impressive lotto winnings) given your declared ability to predict future occurrences.

You know, this site is a friendly place until I drop the letters "NSM" in a post. At that point I get all sorts of unusual characters crawling out of the woodwork.

There is no general group posting here (and otehr sites) that consistently displays such levels of ignorance and unbridled venom as the white supremacists (Stefan Schmidt excluded).

Y'all must be a real joy to live next to.

Stefan Schmidt said...

The NSM march in Orlando cannot be in any way compared to this march. In Europe the WN movement can draw thousands of people to a rally; obviously much larger than the NSM protest with a disappointing 22 person turnout.

In Russia (though similar trends persist in the U.K, Germany, Sweden, and Australia) polls indicate as much as 40% of the population wants to keep Russia for the Russians.

The Muslims that protested in this rally are currently unemployed (a generalization but fairly accurate as a blanket statement), poor, and uneducated and therefore radicalized; while the average French is employed, educated, and well off. The point I am trying to make is that protesting (‘squandering’ your ‘time’) becomes more desirable when your ‘time’ is already not worth much and your current status is very low in comparison with others.

The French need to get a handle on this situation before the same travesty that happened to us during the 50’s and 60’s happens to them.

levels of ignorance and unbridled venom as the white supremacists (Stefan Schmidt excluded).

: )

Thank for you for the compliment but apparently others don’t feel the same way (on Nikk’s Nest I was threatened; the reason for the threat is not known)

The Internet has turned into one giant flame war- sigh!

White Mormon Patriot said...

I have to wonder how many of those 33,000 got their property trashed by minorities during the recent uprising in France.

Just like here in America, sometimes the biggest cheerleaders for diversity are the ones like Ted Kennedy, who lives in his own personal Berchtesgaden in Hyannis Port.

It's easy to be a cheerleader for diversity until one's become a victim of it, like Robbie Hedrick in Kingston, N.Y.

historymike said...

Agreed about the flame war nonsense, Stefan. Also sorry to hear about the threats - a few sick idiots can really put you on edge. I have had more than my share of it.

It is one thing to adopt a nationalist perspective ("America for Americans") but quite another to advocate forced genocide or forced immigration of ethnic minorities.

The NSM is deluded if they really believe that people can get past the costumes and the inflammatory rhetoric. Plus, any worker-friendly initiatives that the NSM might come up with will be dwarfed by Bill White's anti-Communist, anti-socialist, anti-anything-to-the-left-of-Genghis Khan paranoia.

And I don't buy the argument that the NSM helps the white nationalist cause. I think most mainstream Americans get turned off by the negativity and ridiculousness of the NSM. If anything, they get a lot of people worried.

The handful of converts they pick up in a rally like Orlando are washed away by a tidal wave of collective disgust by the larger population.

historymike said...

Agreed about the hypocrisy of some on the left, alaskawingnut.

I disagree about the Hedrick case, though. The Ulster County grand jury indicted Joseph L. Williams Jr., 16, on felony counts of assault and attempted assault in connection with the attack on Hedrick.

The jury weighed the evidence, and did not find sufficient reason to charge Williams with a hate crime. In my mind, the more serious crime - assault - is what Williams needed to be brought before the justice system.

liberal_dem said...

Mike- It looks like the throw-backs to Neanderthal have learned to use a keyboard, eh?

Stephanie said...

The only problem I have with this story, Mike, is that there's still question as to whether the murder was really a hate crime. It was based on the prejudice that "Jews are rich," but that doesn't necessarily make it a hate crime (depending on the legal definition, it might be different in France).