Feb 13, 2006

Bernadette Noe Releases Statement

Left: Bernadette Noe, photo courtesy of Brad Blog.

(Toledo, OH) Bernadette Noe, the wife of indicted coin dealer and Republican fundraiser Tom Noe, issued the following statement today (reprinted from Toledo Free Press website):

"This is a very sad and difficult day for me and Tom, our children, my parents Francis "Buddy" and Jane Restivo, and the rest of the Noe and Restivo families. With long histories of public service, both families understand that some amount of media clamor and sensationalism will accompany a politically charged story such as the government's investigation of Tom Noe and his business.

"Not only are we sad for Tom today, we are fearful for him as well, because we believe he cannot get a fair and impartial trial in Lucas County, given the persistent media frenzy over the past ten months. We are astonished, for example, by the relative inattention the government and the media have shown in the MDL fiasco, which, according to media reports, cost the state over $200 million - 100 percent of its investment. Rather than focus on MDL, the media have focused on coin funds that apparently earned the state a $10 million profit.

"When the power of the government is brought to bear on a person, the pressure and stress is crushing. We are saddened by the events of the past ten months and the prospect of Tom facing a long and contentious legal battle. I will continue to focus on raising our children and my job as a state guardian ad litem for abused, neglected, and abandoned children. Our family's thoughts and prayers continue to be with Tom."


McCaskey said...

Oh, how I weep.

Anonymous said...


What a great American you must be.


McCaskey said...

The fact that I don't have sympathy for the Noes and think her "open letter" is a sympathy ploy makes me "un-American"? Well, that's a remarkable stretch.

liberal_dem said...

I guess that it just goes to show you that she ought to have listened to her father when he asked her, "Why the hell are you marrying a REPUBLICAN for crying out loud?"

Stephanie said...

I tried to sympathize...really I did...but I failed.

ejh said...

What happened to Mr. Noe's fundamental right to the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE (widely held to follow from the 5th, 6th and 14th amendments. See also Coffin v. United States) ?

Let him have his day in court before you insist on judging him.
I hope that he is able to get a change of venue so that he CAN indeed receive a fair trial.
In the meantime, Tom, Bernadette and the rest of the Noes will remain in my prayers.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Well written, but Bernadette's statement sounded to me like she was distancing herself from Tom.


Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for them. the family that is. I never got to know tom noe, but i did get to know one of his relatives, and hey aren't all that bad. They're normal people on the outside, i never knew for the longest time, that i had gotten to know so well one of Tom Noe's children.. I just really wish that he would of thought of them before he acted. i could tell that it really hurt the person i got to know, and it puts alot of pressure on them as well. They are forever going to live in the shadow of his shame, and they really don't deserve it.