Feb 18, 2006

Beware Of Police Imposters


(Toledo, OH) WTOL is reporting that there are people impersonating Toledo Police in the city, using fast-talking tactics to gain entry into homes. They may be casing the homes for future burglaries, or perhaps looking for access to easily-pilfered cash or jewelry.

The pair, a man and a woman, made at least three attempts to con local homeowners and businesses into allowing them to peruse the owner's buildings. The imposters tell victims that they believe a fugitive is hiding in the building, and ask what rooms valuables might be located in.

A van, a Chevrolet, and a Chrysler 300 were the vehicles possibly involved in Friday's scams. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestopper at 419-255-1111.

Oh yeah - brrreeeport.


-Sepp said...

It seems that this scam pops up from time to time. People that pull this kind of crap on the elderly are just one rung up the ladder from child molesters as far as I'm concerned since both types prey on those unable to defend themselves. These types are not limited to such extravagant scams as posing as police officers. The worst seems to be those posing as "friends". My Great Aunt who was 94 years old had a "friend" that was visiting and doing odd jobs and always had a sob story about some money "emergency" and would appeal to her as a friend for help. 800 dollars to paint her house (it was almost all brick)...400 dollars for "landscaping" (a flat of flowers from meijer). When my sister and I had to get involved in her finances we found out that this guy was "borrowing" 28 thousand a year. She had no idea and refused to believe that he was taking that much from her and the police said there was nothing that could be done unless she chose to press charges. We had neighbors calling us when they saw him and we each took turns staying with her in order to keep this vermin from bleeding her dry. Nothing worked for long. He would drive past and check for our cars or park a street over to avoid being seen by the neighbors. When my Aunt's goldmine finally dried up for him, he moved on. I have seen him several times at kroger and at beauty shops around the south end with little old ladies in tow since then. Like I said, not all these scumbags are so extravagant and it may be going on right in the open.

historymike said...

Wow, Sepp, that's a wild story.

It reminds me of a friend whose father got taken in by a con artist. His dad - a widower - met this woman who told him she was into voodoo.

The woman had him buy all this fancy clothing and jewelry, and they put it together with a bunch of cash. She had convinced him that by doing this they could either burn or bury (I forget which) the "sinful" commodities to remove evil.

Of course, she absconded with tens of thousands of his money, and I am sure they only "destroyed" bags of newspaper.

People who take advantage of children and the elderly, in my book, have a special circle of Hell waiting for them.

Do said...

Years ago a 'roofer' conned my mom out of almost $3,000 - right after Hurricane Andrew (she lived in FL at the time). He needed the cash up front for supplies (so he said) and my mom was convinced "he's such a nice young man." Well....after about 6 weeks of tracking like a blood hound I tracked this scum down in Miami. While I stood looking at his 'job site' I called Miami PD and told them they had 5 minutes to get out there before this guy ceased to exist. They arrived, ran his info and then arrested him on 29 outstanding warrants. He kept referring to me as anything but human...I never understood why. ;)