Feb 1, 2006

Blade Reporter To Pen Book On Robinson Trial

Left: Father Gerald Robinson, courtesy of realnews247.com

(Toledo, OH) Toledo Blade religion editor David Yonke is expected to publish an account of the 1980 murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl as well as the trial of the man accused in the case, Father Gerald Robinson.

Tentatively titled “Sin Shame, and Secrets: Murder and Cover-up in the Catholic Church,” the book is expected to be released in September 2006.

Contacted by me for the Toledo Free Press, Yonke declined to offer any comment on his upcoming book, but confirmed that the writing is in progress.

Retired Toledo Police officer Dave Davison, who led a one-man crusade for years to keep up the investigation of Robinson, believes that Yonke’s book will be well-researched.

“I gave him 300 pages of documents that I obtained under the Freedom of Information Act,” he said. “He should be in good shape.”

The above article also appears in this week's Toledo Free Press.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else besides me disgusted with the fact that Yonke has a book contract BEFORE the trial? Maybe this is how things work, but it reminds me of the centurions casting lots for Christ's clothes.


historymike said...

Interesting thought, Petrograde.

Yes, the sad fact is that the business of publishing books is as sordid, cold, and calculating as, well, any other business.

liberal_dem said...

publishing books is as sordid, cold, and calculating as, well...


liberal_dem said...

I wonder if Mr. Yonke knows this 'sordid' little addendum to the murder story. If he reads your blog, and is interested in the details, have him call the Sisters of St. Francis convent in Tiffin, Ohio

as I heard it...

On Holy Saturday evening [the night before the murder] the sisters' house in Birkhead Place received a phone call. The nun who answered stood aghast as she listened to a man who was reciting obscenities and other weird comments to her. She told the other nuns about it but they just shrugged it off as a prank call.

The next morning as the sisters were getting ready for Easter services, one of the nuns spotted something unusual on the outside windowsill. She opened the window and discovered a host [communion wafer] lying there. She told the other sisters and they began to check the other windowsills. Every one on the ground floor had a host laid on it.

The nun who received the phone call and who witnessed the hosts is now in her 90's and lives in retirement at the Motherhouse in Tiffin. I wonder if there is a transcript of this bizarre set of events in the documents that Mr. Yonke obtained.

historymike said...

I'm skeptical of the whole ritualistic angle to this, liberal dem.

I attended a seminar debunking SRA (satanic ritual abuse) a few years ago, and my jaw almost hit the floor when someone came out last year and tried to link Father Robinson to that.

Davison believes that Robinson staged all the ritualistic nonsense after the fact, and that this was a case of an angry, inebriated man who killed someone and tried to obscure his role.

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Newsguy said...

Wow, what a movie this would make. Excuse me, I live in L.A. But still...

historymike said...

Yes, it will probably make a very dark movie, newsguy. I am sure they are already casting Hollywood lots for the film rights of this tale.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I wonder how much of this book will be never in print information?

If "the Blade" truly wanted to make this story go away surely they would made its author an offer that he couldn't refuse.

I also know that the Diocese and the City are both praying that Robinson will make things easy for them by dying before this case comes to trial.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially if ALL of the guilty parties get exposed...