Feb 17, 2006

Brrreeeport: More Observations About The Web Phenomena


Left: Brrreeeport photo courtesy of Flickr.com

(Toledo, OH) Here are the latest figures in my ongoing look at the brrreeeport experiment in which I have been participating; you can visit this site to learn more of the history of Brrreeeport.

Here, then, is what I have observed so far:

1. A "brrreeeport" Technorati tag alone drove about 10 visitors to my site in five hours.
2. By adding a "brrreeeport" post and inserting the word "brrreeeport in an unrelated post, I saw about 300 new, unique visitors in 24 hours. Total page hits jumped by an extra 500 in the first 24 hours. This site, on an average day, currently attracts about 175 unique visitors and about 300 page hits a day.
3. The post and tag combination seemed synergistic, as I got most of my tag hits after the brrreeeport post went up.
4. Brrreeeport visitors tended to be of a short-lived (i.e., less than 20 seconds per visit) variety.
5. My brrreeeport post sent my site to the top of the Technorati search and tag pages for about 40 minutes, until more posters with new posts bumped me out. One could probably exploit the brrreeeport post technique several times a day right now and get 1000 visitors or more a day.
6. Google gives conflicting results on a "brrreeeport" search, ranging from 52,000 around 1:00 today to 190 at 4:19 PM. Technorati reports 495 results of posts, and a Yahoo search gives 2,120 results. MSN gives 221 results.
7. My blog jumped from #9 on Blogtop Literature sites to #5 within three hours. This site has never ranked higher than #7 in the past.


Lisa Renee said...

believe it or not, there is already several variations of "brrreeeport blog" as well as people buying up all of the domain endings for "brrreeeport"

I've had some interesting discussions and met some other bloggers thanks to this and it will be interesting to see where this ends up in a week or so.


historymike said...

Isn't that amazing, Lisa?

People are already trying to sell Brrreeeeport merchandise, too.

Anonymous said...

brrreeeport. I just wanted to say it. brrreeeport.