Feb 11, 2006

CONTE: Praise For A Journal That Is Making Waves, Turning Heads, But Which Uses None of These Sappy Clichés


(Toledo, OH) There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of literary journals online, and the quality on these sites runs from brilliant to dreckish. There is as yet no online rating service to assist would-be submitters and readers in their search for quality literary journals.

One site has consistently demonstrated an ability to attract and retain excellent work from talented writers. Called Conte, an online journal, the periodical bills itself as "a web journal that aims to promote the art of telling stories."

Each issue contains provocative work by rising poets and writers arranged loosely around a given theme.

Pieces have startled me, moved me, disturbed me, and touched me; the wide variety of artists provides a continuity of unpredictability.

Here is another sign of the quality of their editorial staff - historymike's pathetic attempt at a minimimalist short vignette was politely turned down. The wounded artiste in me should be bitter, but the reality was that it just was not a very strong contribution.

So venture over to Conte and experience the work of some of America's best young writers.

Do it now. Don't wait until after you go grocery shopping, or after you get hooked into watching Olympic curling or some rot.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff - some of it reminds me or early Beat Writers.

I am bookmarking it; thanks Mike!


historymike said...

Yes, it is an excellent site, Petrograde. This is the sort of entity that, 20 years later, you can scratch your chin and say: "I remember it when..."

Way too much talent (writers and editors) for this not to succeed.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the link. I just might sumbit to them myself. I have a few stories that are decidely outside my main genres.

historymike said...

Glad t oblige, Steph. Be sure to send in some material!

Hooda Thunkit said...


That's a new one to me ;-)