Feb 10, 2006

Equal Marriage The Focus Of Valentine's Day Gathering

(Toledo, OH) EqualityToledo will meet on February 14, 2006, from noon to 1pm at the front entrance of the Lucas County Courthouse, 700 Adams St., to support the statewide Freedom to Marry Day efforts.

The group will be passing out candy hearts with a message of “Commitment Strengthens Our Community: Yours, Mine, Ours - Civil Marriage is for Everyone."

Members of the GLBT community have volunteered to apply for marriage licenses on Valentine's Day to promote awareness of marriage equality issues. Come out and show your support for civil rights, and don't be bambozzled by the rhetoric of would-be American Mullahs.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by social conservatives, the focus here is on civil marriage, not some attempt to force churches to change doctrine.

More information can be found on the group's website.


-Sepp said...

They already have rights to be included on their "partner's" health insurance at a lot of workplaces these days. Try being hetrosexual and getting that same entitlement for your girlfriend / boyfriend. The gay community means nothing to me since my interaction with them is minimal. I don't push my beliefs on them and expect the same courtessy. If the law changes and they are allowed to marry, then the insurance benefits for "partners" should be the first program to get axed. Kind of nice that if I were gay I could put anyone I called my "partner" on my health insurance but, being hetro I'm not afforded the same right. Discrimination? When they divorce, a new precident will be set when dividing the marital assets. Two women can't both be entitled to alimony and two men can't give up half their assets to the other and, proving in court who played the "man or woman" role would boil down to one's word against the other. Allowing them to marry will change a multitude of injustices hetrosexuals now face. I think they don't realize how good they have it now.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I too have a problem with this, but it is more tightly focused.

I have absolutely no problems with same sex commitments and bestowing of equal benefits; this is an issue whose time has come.

I have a problem with the terminology; same sex and marriage doesn't compute in my world and that of many others, because marriage is a very specific term for a very specific type of relationship that cannot possible be applied to same sex couples.

Call it anyting else, and I'm all in with it.