Feb 2, 2006

Equality Toledo To Gather At Courthouse On Valentine's Day

(Toledo, OH) EqualityToledo will meet on February 14, 2006, from noon to 1pm at the front entrance of the Lucas County Courthouse, 700 Adams St., to support the statewide Freedom to Marry Day efforts.

The group will be passing out candy hearts with a message of “Commitment Strengthens Our Community: Yours, Mine, Ours - Civil Marriage is for Everyone."

Members of the GLBT community have volunteered to apply for marriage licenses on Valentine's Day to promote awareness of marriage equality issues.

More information can be found on the group's website.


Anonymous said...

Historykike should be called HistoryDyke.

historymike said...

Wow. That witticism must have really strained your neo-Nazi braincells to their limits, huh anonymous?

Does your head hurt from all that work?

Anonymous said...

I would say to all gay people out there, "don't give up hope. You can change minds!"

I was once extremely anti-gay. I couldn't even tell you why now. I didn't have a epiphany or find out my sibling was gay. I was forced into a situation where one of my superiors was openly gay. I worked for him and secretly despised him for awhile.

Then, I started to observe how he did his job and how I wanted to be able to do it as well as he did. He took me under his wing, shared with me his knowledge and wisdom, and I discovered it didn't really matter to me who he slept with. I really liked and respected him.

First comes respect. Then comes acceptance. Don't give up that fight for respect.


liberal_dem said...

I was once extremely anti-gay. I couldn't even tell you why now.

Could I take a guess as to why you were?

Do said...

I was in Boston for the first gay marriage performed there. It was an incredible sight. People in love. People committed to another person. People. People everywhere.

Gay? Yes - they were all gay. It didn't matter to me. The obvious devotion that shone through was amazing.

Too bad we are still so narrow minded as a whole. We have lots to learn from ALL people. Not just the heterosexual ones with 2.5 children, 2 SUVs and a mortgage that keeps their bank accounts drained.

Anonymous said...


Sure. Hazard a guess.


liberal_dem said...

Sure. Hazard a guess.


You were carefully taught by your parents?

Actually, my parents were quite prejudiced, especiially on the issue of race. As I grew up and learned more about life, I stepped away from their biases.

Anonymous said...

That's not it, Liberal_Dem. My parents were of the "live and let live" variety.

historymike said...

I, too, have attended the union of a gay couple, and it was quite similar to the marriages I have witnessed of heterosexual couples.

People gathered together to wish a couple success in life. We ate, had a few drinks, danced, and life went on.

BTW - the couple has been together for 15 years now.

I know quite a few gay couples, and they have some of the most stable and loving relationships I have seen.

My parents used to be much more closeminded. My dad was a cop in Detroit in the 1960s through the 1980s, and he has come a long way from the person he once was. My mom said that he actually marched in a recent MLK parade; go figure!

I think my dad is a representation of how mainstream America has awoken from some of the ignorant stereotypes that used to handcuff us.

Note: he did not become some liberal caricature; he has voted Republican the last few elections, and you will probably not even be able to pry his guns from his cold dead fingers when that day comes. BUT - he accepts people for who they are, and believes that everyone should be given a chance to succeed in this country.

And if my dad could become so much more tolerant, anyone could.

liberal_dem said...

That's not it, Liberal_Dem.

2nd guess: homophobe?

Kim Welter said...

Mike, Thank you for including EqualityToledo on your blog. We had a very successful event today at the courthouse (if you can rate being turned down for a license, success).