Feb 3, 2006

Kama Sutra Worm: Prepare Yourself

(Toledo, OH) A devastating computer virus that may affect up to one million PCs is set to go off tonight. Known alternately as the Kama Sutra, CME-24, MyWife.E and Blackworm, it spreads through e-mail attachments with subject lines such as "hot movie," "a great video" or "crazy illegal sex."

The e-mail does not need to be opened to infect a system -- it spreads by itself through computer networks, e-mail lists and floppy disks.

The worm has the capability to destroy .doc, .pdf, and .zip files, along with many other common file types.

Initial reports from Asian time zones suggest that the damage may not be as bad as originally predicted, but I suggest that you update your antivirus and run it today.

Never open attachments that you are not anticipating, as this act is the most common route by which these viruses spread.

And, if you don't already use an email filter, get one. My university-installed filter ferrets out at least 90% of the spam and crud that works its way to me.


Lisa Renee said...

It never ceases to amaze me the creative technical minds we have in this world. It's too bad that some of those who create these types of viruses don't have a more positive way to contribute because some of them def have talent. I suppose the up side is they keep other computer techs working. I used to wonder if some of the same ones who create these viruses are then the ones who create a patch.


historymike said...

Yes, I wonder why people turn their creative energies towrd destructive purposes.

Lisa Renee said...

That my friend is the million dollar question....

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Here's a no-brainer...since there is so much publicity on said virus, why won't "they" go catch the programmer?

Anonymous said...

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