Feb 17, 2006

Man Has Not Slept In Over Three Decades


(Toledo, OH) I am an occasional insomniac. I have days when sleep will not come - not with NyQuil, not with any over-the-counter meds, not with relaxation techniques.

And the day after a sleepless episode I am miserable. I can't think clearly and I walk around in a fog, hoping I can balance out my sleep deprivation with naps or early bedtimes.

Sixty-four-year-old Thai Ngoc of Vietnam's central Quang Nam province, however, has not slept in 33 years.

“I don’t know whether the insomnia has impacted my health or not. But I’m still healthy and can farm normally like others,” Ngoc told Thanh Nien News. "I have tried sleeping pills and Vietnamese traditional medicine but nothing helps, even to sleep for a few minutes."

Ngoc also seems to defy conventional wisdom about insomnia, and reports that he has experienced no ill effects from his condition. His most recent medical exam showed only slightly impaired liver function.

Maybe I should just take up nighttime farming like Thai Ngoc, who guards his farm and even spent three months digging a fish pond during a stretch of nights without sleep.

Or become a perpetual blogger, thinking up new ways to say brrreeeport in my posts...


historymike said...

I was going to save this post for Saturday, but I can't shake the brrreeeport obsession.

I think this site might break 1,500 page views today. That should send my AdSense revenues up to about $2.00 YTD.


Stephanie said...

I can go about thirty-six hours without sleep, though I do tend to get cranky. I've not gone longer than that in quite awhile, though I've done some awake-36-sleep-4-awake-36's lately.

33 years...scary.

McCaskey said...

I'm sorry, HM, I can't buy into this story. Like, you, I'm an occasional insomiac, and it's the worst feeling in the world. A guy doesn't sleep for 33 YEARS? I just can't believe his story.

historymike said...

I once went about 52 hours without sleep, but that was bizarre. I started feeling like I was hallucinating, and everything around me seemed like a movie.

Even on the worst nights I usually manage to get 2 hours of really crappy sleep. I have learned that it's better to get some sleep than none.

My favorite method to combat insomnia is reading. If I go on the Net, there is something that keeps me awake - maybe it's the physical activity of typing and clicking...

Yes, it's a tough story to buy, McCaskey. There are some people who have made Guinness for this, though.

liberal_dem said...

It's a good thing that Dick 'blam' Cheney doesn't have insomnia.

One can only imagine how much more damage he could create for our country if he never slept.

travelguidetoheaven said...

If this lout had intended to sleep for just half an hour as he says, he would have done it already by the strongest method available.
If the report happens to be true (which I don't think it is) the lout wouldn't be an insomniac, but a masochistic animal who suffers at his will. But if the report happens to be fake, I think it has been one of the most stupid reports I have ever read, which again its a more likly possibility.