Feb 28, 2006

McCloskey Pleads Not Guilty To Extortion Charges


(Toledo, OH) Toledo city council rep Bob McCloskey pleaded not guilty in Lucas County Common Pleas Court today to felony charges.

McCloskey is accused of attempting to solicit a $100,000 bribe from companies attempting to do business with the city of Toledo. One of these "requests" was caught on voicemail.

If convicted, McCloskey could face a potential prison sentence of one to five years and a potential fine of $10,000 on each count. Also, a person convicted of bribery is barred from holding public office in the state of Ohio.

A trial date of May 9 was set by Judge James Bates, who ordered McCloskey released on personal recognizance.


liberal_dem said...

Why does he look so much like a pig?

historymike said...


LD - thou art incorrigible.

KraZyKaT said...

If found guilty, maybe we can cage up Tom Noe and Bob McCloskey together. They then can do a (Bi-partisan) political talk show in the A.M. from their prison cell. Call it the "Tom and Bob" show sharing their insightful wisdom of how politics is played out in the State of Ohio. It might give Hannity and Colmes a run for their money.

-Sepp said...

I think that is a blade file photo. Anyone who has lived in this town knows full well that the blade has a "good" picture and a "bad" picture of most of the local newsmakers to use depending on how the story was to be slanted. The best example was Ed Bergsmark. When they (the blade) wanted to fry him, they ran the frowning in court picture. When he Died it was a friendly looking pic. Maybe if Bob would have just voted for Frank for council president, his friends at the blade would be running a better picture.

liberal_dem said...

Maybe if Bob would have just voted for Frank for council president, his friends at the blade would be running a better picture.

...lipstick on a pig


your Republicanesque is showing

-Sepp said...

"Republicanesque"? New buzzword for those who point out the obvious? I'll say that no picture of Bob McCloskey that was ever taken could be doctored up enough to NOT make the guy ugly as all hell and, I'll stand by my statement about the blade. Pointing out that the daily local uses it's power to smear people that disagree with it's agenda makes me no more a republican than you are LD. The blade's antics are common knowlege in this town.

liberal_dem said...

For the life of me I can't figure out why the Toeldo Republicans hate the Blade so much. Is it because at one time it tilted toward their political vision but today it has corrected itself?

-Sepp said...

LOL! When was that LD? The paper should stick to reporting the news rather than trying to steer influence. A good comparison is HM's piece on the embedded reporters. How can Toledoans count on politicians who's political future is less dependent on what they accomplish for the citizens and city as a whole but, on how well they tow the blade's agenda? Disagree with the blade and the wrath of John Robinson Block comes down on you with every resource at his disposal. Example? I remember reading about Ray Kest being a "rising star" and other good things before he fell out of favor. The file photo changed overnight too from the smiling Ray to the frowning Ray. Just because you want to see things a certain way doesent mean they are. Try being objective.

liberal_dem said...

Try being objective.

OK, I'll try real, real hard.