Feb 19, 2006

More Reports Of Police Imposters In Toledo


(Toledo, OH) On Friday WTOL reported that people impersonating Toledo Police were at large in the city, using fast-talking tactics to gain entry into homes. They may be casing the homes for future burglaries, or perhaps looking for access to easily-pilfered cash or jewelry.

Today WNWO-24 said that there have been another six incidents of police impersonation. The pair reportedly have been using fake badges and perhaps FBI t-shirts to scam local residents.

The pair, a man and a woman, have made at least nine attempts in the last three days to con local homeowners and businesses into allowing them to peruse the owner's buildings. The imposters tell victims that they believe a fugitive is hiding in the building, and ask what rooms valuables might be located in.

A van, a Chevrolet, and a Chrysler 300 were the vehicles possibly involved in Friday's scams. The suspects are described as a black male and a black female; anyone with information is asked to call Crimestopper at 419-255-1111.
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Anonymous said...

I hope they catch these creeps quick.

historymike said...

Me too. I am unnerved knowing these criminals are lurking around. Maybe we'll get lucky and they will be caught in the next few days.