Feb 13, 2006

Ohio Firm Begins Chip Implants In Workers

Left: RFID chip, photo courtesy of RSA Security

(Cincinnati, OH) An Ohio technology company is among the first in the nation to implant silicon chips in its employees.

Citing internal security concerns, Citywatcher.com will use the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips to control access to a storage room where it archives sensitive material.

Sean Darks, chief executive of CityWatcher, downplayed privacy concerns, noting that the implants are voluntary.

“There’s nothing pulsing or sending out a signal,” Darks said, adding that he has a chip in his own arm. “It’s not a GPS chip. My wife can’t tell where I am.”

The chips were designed by Verisign, and have been approved by the FDA. They are implanted in the upper arm, and work in a manner similar to card readers, said Darks.

I find it hard to envision working for a company that would require (or "suggest") that I have such a device implanted in me. Perhaps I have seen too many films like "Minority Report," but the idea that my every move could be tracked by an RFID device is a bit disturbing.


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Stephanie said...

Logan's Run anyone?

Hooda Thunkit said...

Slippery slope...

Those chips can be "polled" or "transponded" anywhere and by anyone.

Why would anyone want to give up that much control to well, everyone?

Scan my retina or finger/thumbprint okay, I can withhold that if I wish, but once the chip goes in it's everybody take a shot, anywhere, anytime, and there is nothing that I can do about it...