Feb 7, 2006

OTA Links


(Toledo, OH) On Tuesdays, I will perform my obligations as a member of the Open Trackback Alliance and highlight some articles that I found noteworthy on the sites of other members.

Follow this link to learn more about the project, which was developed by Samantha Burns.

Lyn at Bloggin' Outlouddiscusses the results of the Best So Far Awards. Historymike received an Honorable Mention in the "Political Blogs" category, as did the enigmatic Subcomandante Bob for National Nitwit in the "Humor Blogs" category.

Customer Servant reprints a sobering essay by Tom Gross of the Jerusalem Post about the Muslim cartoon contoversy.

Freedom Folks takes a stand for freedom of the press (and bloggers) with regard to the same cartoon fiasco.

Bluto and Boon at 7 Deadly Sins have the urge to burn an embassy. Yikes!


Lisa Renee said...



Stefan Schmidt said...

This is off topic but an egregious assault on freedom of speech is being waged by the Israelis (the hypocrites displayed the ‘Mohammed’ cartoons but want to prevent Iran from displaying the ‘Holocaust cartoons.’)

The Israelis have launched an SEO jihad against Iran’s (concerning the holocaust cartoons) right to free speech.

There is an easy way to combat this. Make a new website (display the Holocaust cartoons) and insert a repetitive line of text (like: “Holocaust Cartoons”) but make sure this text is invisible (i.e. the font should be set to ‘the background color.’). The cosine of the angle between the ‘search vectors’ should be close enough to one (i.e. They are parallel) and thus give you a top hit on Google (y(i) = q(i) ^ (transposed) x = 0; a transposed vector will be orthogonal and thus the cosine of the angle will be zero).

This is the most basic (and easiest) way to fight back the fascists Israelis.

Dariush said...


I don't think your post is off topic at all, given what Mike has chosen to link to above. (a reprint of an article from arch-neocon media mogul Conrad Black's Jerusalem Post -- something about the poor, poisecuted Ehud Olmert -- , and a couple of warbloggers foaming at the mouth over the "Islamic threat.")

I applaud the Euromedia's brave stance on "free speech" and "freedom of the press" and I'm sure that they will reprint the winning cartoons from the Iranian-sponsored contest in their papers. After all, "free speech" takes a back seat to no one.

Dariush said...

In the interest "free speech" and of expressing a different and opposing viewpoint from the links posted here by Mike:

Here'a cartoon which I think does an excellent job of illustrating the European commitment to "free speech."

Here's a story about how the brave defenders of "free speech" and "freedom of the press" at Jyllands-Posten rejected Jesus-mocking cartoons because they would "provoke an outcry." Do tell.

Here's a story about some folks who've learned first-hand just how deep the European commitment to "free speech" is.

Flemming Rose, the "cultural editor" of Jyllands-Posten penned a love letter to arch-neocon, and champion of the "clash of civilizations", Daniel Pipes. Flemming Rose is the same individual who commissioned these cartoons. Said love letter is posted, in its original Danish, on Daniel Pipes' site here, and an English translation is available on the Bellaciao site here.

Pat Buchanan takes apart the idiocy of hypermilitant secularism here.

CounterPunch speaks truth to power here.

Rixon Stewart gives us a broad, metapolitical outlook based on recent events here.

And finally Justin Raimondo connects all the dots with his usual brilliance here.

Stefan Schmidt said...

Until recently, (a few years back) I was unaware that you could be sent to jail for denying that the ‘holocaust’ existed in Europe.

What really angers me in this incident is the hypocrisy of the Israelis. They published the ‘Mohammed’ cartoons under the ‘guise’ of free speech but then are actually launching a campaign to bury the ‘Holocaust’ cartoons (on the Google database by deceptively ‘coding’ irrelevant websites to match the search for ‘Holocaust cartoons’).

Denmark has a right to publish cartoons of its choice but so does Iran.

This is typical of Jews whom just recently tried to ‘TOS’ the website ‘Jew Watch.’