Feb 14, 2006

President Bush To Visit Ohio Wednesday

(Toledo, OH) According to the schedule released by the White House, President Bush will speak at Wendy's world headquarters in Dublin, OH on Wednesday.

The President is expected to speak on health care issues during his visit to the company.

Not to take a shot at any particular fast food employer, but does anyone else find it ironic that Mr. Bush would choose a representative of an industry notorious for low wages and poor benefits to talk about health care? Do you think this was intentional or coincidental?


Lisa Renee said...

He's also coming on the 23rd to help Mike DeWine raise money.

I also caught the irony of him discussing that issue at a fast food place.


M A F said...

It makes sense. Bush can kill two bird with one stone (or a hand full of buckshot) by talking about healthcare and the expansion of the manufacturing workforce.

After all flipping burgers and slapping it together with buns, lettuce, cheese, with mayo, and ketchup with fries on the side is one more job in manufacturing according to the Bush administration.

Stephanie said...

If he's going to Wendy's HQ, he's going to be talking to people who have health insurance. It's like the people at HQ really flip any burgers...or know what conditions most of their employees work or live in.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Maybe Wendy's is but one shining example of how they, being corporate citizens, have seen to it that everyone at Wendy's has health care.

(Forgot the sarcasm alert...)

More likely, Wendy's is a huge Republican campaign donor.