Feb 4, 2006

Super Bowl Prediction From EA's Madden 2006

Left: screen shot of Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger

(Detroit, MI) The video game producer EA Sports holds a simulation each year to predict the winner of the Super Bowl.

If Madden 2006 is correct, Seahawks fans will be disappointed; the final score of this year's simulation was Pittsburgh 24, Seattle 19.

In the last two Super Bowls, the simulation has predicted the winner, while coming close in predicting the final score. Last year the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 24 - 21. The game correctly prognosticated the New England win, but predicted the score to be Patriots 26, Eagles 21.

Perhaps I should place a wager with my local bookie using the EA results.


James said...

Hawks 27, Steelers 17

liberal_dem said...

As snow enters the picture for the game, I'd like the roster of each team indicating where they grew up.

Which ever team has more northern-raised members will win.