Feb 3, 2006

Super Bowl Prediction: Steelers By 6

Left: Steelers celebrating in Denver, courtesy of The Star

(Toledo, OH) Like millions of viewers, my fanny will find a spot in front of the television Sunday to watch the Super Bowl from Detroit. And, like most football fans, I feel the need to weigh in with a prediction: Steelers 24, Seahwaks 17.

Given the ability of their defense to flummox some terrific AFC offenses, and the rise of Ben Roethlisberger as a primetime performer, I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will win Sunday's contest.

This is not to take away from a very good Seattle team, which has been improving each of the last several years; I must admit, though, that I am still pissed at Matt Hasselbeck for costing me a fantasy football title last year when he sat out a Week 16 game with an injury.

The Steelers' defense will again shut down another excellent offense, and I think the offensive pattern we have seen by Pittsburgh will be repeated: put together a couple of passing-driven early drives, get a lead, and then grind the ball on the ground to kill the clock.

No one has figured out how to stop the Steelers' underrated passing game in the playoffs, and they jumped to big leads over Indy and Denver that could not be overcome.

I believe, though, that this will be a very competitive game, and that we will be hanging on the edge of our seats until the end. Jerome Bettis will return to Detroit, his hometown, and he will receive the championship ring that he seeks.


Anonymous said...

No way, dude. Seawhawks by 10. Gonna be a blowout for Seattle. Go Hawks!


Anonymous said...

go steelers

historymike said...

Seahawks by 10? Wow - that's optimism.