Feb 17, 2006

Toledo-Area Bloggers Profiled On FOX


(Toledo, OH) There was an excellent pair of segments on FOX-36 last night profiling the local blogging scene; Karl Rundgren did a great job on the material, and looked at a number of weightier issues in this emerging form of communication.

Among the profiled sites were Liberal Common Sense, Glass City Jungle, Toledo Talk, Thurber's Thoughts, Konop for Lucas County, and Toledo Bloggers. My sites also received some good publicity as well.

Rumor has it that Subcomandante Bob, editor of the e-zines Codependent Collegian, Toledo Tales, and National Nitwit, was passed out on the day of the shooting and missed his opportunity to exploit his websites for gold, glory, and God. Let that be a lesson to you kiddies about the dangers of drinking and blogging.

And, one final note: brrreeeport, brrreeeport, brrreeeport. Did I mention brrreeeport?


Anonymous said...

I saw that spot last night. Karl did a great job - he's the best newscaster in Toledo, and no I'm not Carl.


Anonymous said...

Suuuuure. And I'm not Madonna.

historymike said...

(laughing at the previous posters)

It was a very solid segment, especially since they had very little of my ugly mug on there.

I have a face made for radio and a voice made for print.

liberal_dem said...


Congratulations on being selected by Ch 36 as one of two local bloggers in their report. Your hard work and the variety of topics you produce as well as your courage to bring 'hard' topics to the attention of the citizens of Toledo is worthy of this recognition.

historymike said...

Thanks for the kudos, liberal dem. It's good to know that people notice this site.

I can act as a thorn in the side of the local media to get stories covered that are being ignored, and it is gratifying in an odd way to see something I wrote about get picked up by a "real" news outlet (quotation reflects irony).

If more people act as citizen journalists, I think we improve democracy and increase transparency.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm biased but I think Karl does an excellent job too, and he is the only anchor that my youngest will watch. (Yes, she is a major Karl fan) I don't mean this as a diss to other news sources, I do watch them too, but I do like the fact that Fox is on at ten and I have found they try to not just repeat the stories that I saw earlier.


George Nemeth said...

You're lucky to have a fox affliate that covers blogs in a positive way. I wish they would have gotten some video of Subcommandant Bob passed out...

historymike said...

Yes, George - we have a decent FOX affiliate here.

It doesn't get the political bias that you see in the network, and they generally do solid job on stories. A lot of hardworking, up-and-coming newscasters and reporters.