Feb 21, 2006

Toledo-Area Men Arrested In Alleged Terrorist Plot


Left: Suicide vest siezed by US troops in Baghdad, courtesy of CNN

(Toledo, OH) A federal grand jury has indicted three Toledo-area men on terrorism charges, alleging that they plotted to kill US military personnel in Iraq and other countries.

The three men, who all lived in Toledo in the last year, were arrested over the weekend, said Assistant US Attorney David Bauer in Toledo.

The suspects allegedly recruited others as early as November 2004 to train for a jihad against the United States and its allies in Iraq, according to the indictment.

The indictment alleges that one man, Mohammad Zaki Amawi, twice threatened to kill or inflict bodily harm against President Bush while speaking with others in a plot that began in November 2004.

Amawi is a citizen of Jordan and the United States. The other men indicted in the plot are Marwan Othman El-Hindi, a US citizen born in Jordan; and Wassim I. Mazloum, who came to the US from Lebanon in 2000. Mazloum reportedly operated a car business in Toledo with his brother, Jerry's Auto Sales at 1921 N. Reynolds Road in Toledo.

Amawi was charged with downloading a video entitled "Martyrdom Operation Vest Preparation," which details the process of making a suicide bomb vest.

WTOL is reporting that the indictment accuses Mazloum of "offering to use his dealership as a cover for traveling to and from Iraq so that he could learn how to build small explosives using household materials."

WTOL also noted that the indictment also names an unindicted co-conspiratory called "The Trainer," who has U.S. military backround in security, and bodyguard training.

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is expected to announce more details on the indictments at a news conference this afternoon in Washington, DC.

More online kudos to WTOL for providing a PDF file of the indictment. They are all over this, and must have ramped up their server space. I can't even get the Blade's main page to open.

Addendum, 1:53 PM: Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez just finished speaking to reporters. He indicated that, if convicted of all charges, the men could receive up to life in prison.

Gonzalez refused to speak beyond the indictment itself, but seemed to hint that the terror investigation might be linked to yesterday's Treasury Department announcement of an investigation into the charitable organization KindHearts. He called the two investigations "separate but coordinated investigations."

Gonzalez said that he believes the government "has a strong case," and said that the men "had the motivation and the means" to carry out the aleged terror activities.

More as this story unfolds...brrreeeport krugle


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Right here in lil' ole Toledo!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Mike. I'm usually anti-Bush, but they might be right on this one.

- -Petrograde.

KraZyKaT said...

Thanks for the Updates Mike. I hope you don't mind but I linked this posting to my blog as well. If you want me take it off I will.

Dariush said...

Amawi was charged with downloading a video entitled "Martyrdom Operation Vest Preparation," which details the process of making a suicide bomb vest.

Wow. Arrested for downloading a video. Glad to see that those trillions of dollars our government is borrowing from foreign governments and financial institutions is being put to good use.

In case any genius at Langley is reading this, you might want to know that such material is readily available in books/military strategy guides -- several of which have been written by folks who are also on Uncle Sam's payroll. One needn't go to the trouble of downloading "illegal" videos.

Such information is out there -- it's "open source."

historymike said...

Anytime, Krazykat - I'll need the hits if I ever take this site commercial.

Dariush - it will be interesting to see how this shakes out. It looks like the government has been watching these three men for about 17 months. Click on the indictment link for more; I think they had pretty good electronic surveillance. It looks like they intercepted at least a dozen calls, plus had some on-the-ground informants.

liberal_dem said...

Oh no! Just think, terrorists right here in Toledo. Shutter, shutter.

...and now back to my nap

Mrs. Phoenix said...

Hey, what's up with this?

brrreeeport krugle

historymike said...

Those are nonsense words, Mrs. Phoenix, but they drive a lot of traffic to web sites.

Here is a link to a short artilce I wrote on brrreeeport. Krugle is much the same.